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51 Sand to Surf
52 2017Seconds to SquareSeconds to Square is a momentum-based action-platformer where players draw boxes to manipulate time.Action; Free to Play; PlatformerMac; PC; Windows
53 2017ShadowscrapersShadowscrapers is an isometric puzzle game for mobile devices. You play by tapping to guide the character around skyscraper rooftops, and dragging blocks in front of lights to create shadows that are solid and can be used as levers, push blocks, or bridges.PuzzleiOS; Android
54 2017Street TrikerStreet Triker is a trike racing game where you use the bumper buttons to simulate pedaling as you speed through the neighborhood! Use pick-up boosts and character-unique projectiles to derail your friends and seize victory. It's pedals-to-the-pavement playtime! The game utilizes a unique "pedaling" ...Racing; Free to PlayPC; Windows; Xbox
55 2018TelophaseTelophase is a twin-stick dungeon crawler inspired by Egyptian mythology. You play as Set, an ancient god who must traverse the dangers of the pyramids and survive an onslaught of enemies. With the rare ability to split your soul, you are the only one who can overthrow the other gods and usurp the t...Action; Casual; Free to PlayPC; Windows; Mac; Xbox
56 2016Tentacult!Tentacult! is Hotline Miami meets Pikmin. A bright, cheerful, cartoony world is being invaded by Lovecraftian Horrors - and you control the horde! Lead your minions to assimilate more and more until the entire world is in thrall!Puzzle; Strategy; CasualPC; Windows; Mac; Xbox
57 2016This Side UpYou're an on-foot courier in the big city. Go scurrying through traffic and around corners to get your parcel to its destination. Just don't let it get smashed or go tumbling out of your hands while you're at it!Strategy
58 2019Time BreakBring attention to police power and brutality from a different angle. Time Break is a game set in an alternate reality where you are a police officer training to serve the public with your standard issue time slowing and rewind watch. Assess, resume time, and stop the crime. Keep the city safe from ...Free to Play; ActionPC; Windows
59 2017Trapped With the DollsTrapped With The Dolls is a room-scale Virtual Reality psychological thriller that requires the player to solve puzzles and unveil mysteries to escape from the dolls. You find yourself wrapped in the twisted imagination of a little girl, Claire. She had become obsessed with her dolls, and over time,...Adventure; Free to PlayPC; Windows; VR
60 2010Urban Space SquirrelsThis is about a superpowered squirrel with bombs in a semiurban setting of puzzles. Somehow space is also involved.Action; Puzzle-platformerXbox
61 2016Year of the GearThat's odd; the world should have ended with the Mayan Calendar! The darn thing must be broken! As a single Cog, get into the weirdest, most exciting, physics-puzzler adventure of your life; Repair, Rewind and Reinvent the clock!Puzzle; Adventure
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