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51 Identification of stress factors perceived to be significant to the role of the neonatal nurse practitioner1984-12Text
52 Perspectives of childbirth held by immigrant Tongan women in the United States and their health care considerations1980-08Text
53 Why some states have more school nurses than others: A comparative analysis2006-12Text
54 Use of the Oximetrix pulmonary artery catheter for wedge position confirmation1985-08Text
55 Relationship between duration of bedrest and occurrence of deep vein thrombosis in patients having undergone total hip replacement surgery1983-06Text
56 Streptococcal pharyngitis : what do parents know?1987-08Text
57 Experience of pregnancy among Hispanic women1985-12Text
58 Use of algorithm in healthy women with acute uncomplicated cystitis: cost and outcome1998-03Text
59 Investigation of supporting and restraining factors for instituting collaborative practice in a community hospital1984-06Text
60 Investigation of the Schwartz, Parloff and Stephenson categorization of behavior of psychiatric nurses in nurse-patient interactions1963-06Text
61 Examination of factors influencing development of health care policy and programs in a state health department1984-08Text
62 Gender differences in self-care activities of adult cancer patients receiving chemotherapy1993-08Text
63 Parental knowledge regarding immunizations1995-08Text
64 Cost-effectiveness of community based long term care for the elderly population: a descriptive study of current findings of Utah's Alternatives Program1983-08Text
65 Exploration of the attitudinal changes of a group of collegiate nursing students toward psychiatric nursing care activities1962-08Text
66 Relationship between trust and accuracy of information in communication1983-06Text
67 Skin circulation in areas prone to pressue ulcerationand adjacent nonsusceptible areas as determined by the thermal recovery method1984-03Text
68 Assessment of intensive care unit nurses' knowledge of electrical safety: nursing implications1981-08Text
69 Factors affecting use of natural family planning in Utah1990-06Text
70 Relationship of creativity factors to performance of students in psychiatric nursing1963-06Text
71 Sleep deprivation in the critically ill1986-12Text
72 Behaviors of peers and supervisors as perceived by impaired nurse colleagues: a descriptive study1987-08Text
73 Risk and protective factors of Hispanic youth in Utah2000-12Text
74 Decision-making processes used by pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit nurses in medicating infants for postoperative pain1988-06Text
75 Correlations among nurses' ratings of patients' coping effectiveness and recovery from heart attack1986-03Text
51 - 75 of 601