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51 'Winsor Castle,' old stone fort at Pipe Springs, Mohave County, AZ. Sevier fault passes between Navajo sandstone." (upper right) and lower Moenkopi (foreground). 19391939Image
52 (Panorama A, B, C, D) Blue Springs Meadows. A stream leading south (left) to Mammoth Creek blocked by basalts from Miller Knoll (right sky line) became a lake that eventuallly cut an outlet through the Brian Head formation (upper left).1944Image
53 1, Navajo sandstone (at base); 2, shales; 3, sandstone bed that forms "entablatures" on "Temples" of Zion National Park; 4, Carmel and above. Zion-Mount Carmel highway, Kane County, Utah, 1931.1931Image
54 15 Miles NE Little Colorado at Tanners Crossing 19001900Image
55 20 mules in a train1909Image
56 3± mi. north of Ganado, Ariz. Tertiary in angular unconformity with Dolores (Triassic), 1909 (photo G-37)1909Image
57 3± mi. north of Ganado. Tertiary unconformable on Dolores. VII, 19. 1911 (Photo G218)1911Image
58 3± mi. north of Tucker Spgs. Green bands in Permian shale just below Shinarump, showing secondary origin. Shinarump in blocks (Photo N-M170)1913Image
59 [Faulting in rock layers, probably Kanab Creek Canyon, Arizona, 1922]1922Image
60 [Grand Gulch, Wayne Co., Ut.]1935Image
61 [Upper wall of Big Meadow Canyon (on Zion-Mt. Carmel road). Morrison strata, unconsolidated Dakota ? (black band), and coal-bearing Cretaceous. Kane County, Utah, 1930]1930Image
62 [Whiskey Creek palisades] (Photo N-M130)1911Image
63 A basin range, Toquerville region, 1901900Image
64 A Navajo 19101909Image
65 A nearer view of G-48 (volcanic neck between Sunrise Springs and Biddehoche), 1909 (photo G-49)1909Image
66 A. M. Thompson, Kanab Creek, 1872.1872Image
67 Abajo Mountains from southwest, [Probably from southern end of Elk Ridge]1915Image
68 Abajo Mountains looking east from Elk Ridge across Cottonwood Canyon, San Juan County, Utah. June, 1915.1915Image
69 Abajo Mountains looking northwest from Blanding. Monticello Road. San Juan County, UT, 19281928Image
70 Abancay to La Estrella. Concacha. Nearer view of the same.1911; 1912; 1915Image
71 Abandoned hogan on east side of the San Juan some 3 miles above the mouth of Pinte Creek. San Juan County, UT. 19211921Image
72 Abandoned Logan, San Juan River, 10 miles above mouth1920; 1921; 1922; 1923; 1924; 1925; 1926; 1927; 1928; 1929; 1930Image
73 Afghan camel used extensively in central Australia, 19161916Image
74 After the dance, Walpi, AZ1915Image
75 Agathla (John Wetherill photo)1910Image
51 - 75 of 3,451