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26 Centre adrenalino-secreteur hypothalamique by Houssay and Molinelli -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
27 Cerebral Localisation as discussed by David Ferrier at the Croonian Lectures -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
28 Ciliary (Migrainous) Neuralgia and its Treatment by Harris -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
29 Clinical Aspects of Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
30 Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology by Walsh and Hoyt -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
31 Clinical Sub-types of Cluster Headache and Response to Lithium Therapy -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
32 Cluster Headache Associated with Primary Hyperlipidemia by Olesen -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
33 Cluster Headache Syndrome and Migraine. Opthalmological Support for a Two-Entity Theory by Horven and Sjaastad -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
34 Cluster Headache. Nomenclature Regarding Horton's or Histamine Headache by Prusinski -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
35 Cluster Headaches by Bickerstaff -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
36 Cluster Migraine--An Unrecognized Common Entity by Nelson -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
37 Coexistence of Pupillary and Heart Sympathetic Asymmetries in Cluster Headache by Boccuni et al -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
38 Comparative and Experimental Studies on the Iris in Primates by Rohen -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
39 Conditions Determining Adrenaline Secretion by Hartman, McCordock & Loder -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
40 Contribution a la etude des phenomenes produits par la faradisation de l'ecorce grise du cerveau. Points sensibles: points qui determinent la diminution de la tension arterielle by Bochfontaine -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
41 Cyclical Head and Face Pain by Friedman et al -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
42 De l'influence de l'ecorce grise sur la dilation de la pupille by Mislawsky -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
43 Denervation supersensitivity in Horner's Syndrome by Korczyn -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
44 Der Bau der Regenbogenhaut Beim Menschen und Einigen Säugern by Rohen -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
45 Der Feinbau der Iris bei verschiedener Pupillenweite by Böshaar -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
46 Der Hund ohne Grosshirn1892Imageehsl_novel_iel
47 Der Konstruktive Bau der Regenbogenhaut by Rohen -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
48 Des Fibres Pupillaires de la Bandelette Optique by Darkchevitch -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
49 Des centres vasomoteurs et de leur mode d'action by Masius and Vanlair -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
50 Details of a Scheme for the Subjective Measurement of the Pupil by Cooke -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
26 - 50 of 246