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26 Jordan School District [05]Image
27 Jordan School District [06]Image
28 Jordan School District [07]Image
29 Jordan School District [08]Image
30 Magna, Utah Kindergarten (Cypress School), May 23-July 1, 1927.1927Image
31 Teachers, Carrie M. Taylor and Jane SchofieldImage
32 University of Utah, 19271927Image
33 University of Utah, 19271927Image
34 Boys Club activities [01]Image
35 Boys Club activities [03]Image
36 Boys Club activities [04]Image
37 Boys Club activities [06]Image
38 Boys Club activities [07]Image
39 Boys Club activities [09]Image
40 Donnette Smith Kesler, March 1901 at the University of Utah.1901-03Image
41 Dr. Jane Schofield (middle, top row).Image
42 Jordan School District [09]Image
43 Lake Resort, American Fork, UtahImage
44 Boys Club activities [05]Image
45 Boys Club activities [08]Image
46 Boys Club activities [10]Image
47 Mrs. Jones' kindergarten and Professor M.E. Jones' High School, held in Jewish Synagogue, 1886.1886Image
48 Mrs. Eli F. Taylor (top right), President of State Kindergarten Association; Dr. Jane Schofield (center front) and Elizabeth M. Taylor Beer (top center).Image
49 Salt Lake Kiwanis-Felt Boys Club [1]Image
50 Salt Lake Kiwanis-Felt Boys Club [2]Image
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