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26 228.(N-M.36). Navajo boy. 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
27 195.(N-M.13). Bridal couple, Lower Oraibi Wash. 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
28 289.(N-M.74). Watering horses, Moqui Buttes, 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
29 268. Snake Dance, Walpi, Arizona. A.C.Vroman, photouaida_mainImage/StillImage
30 285.(N-M.70). Professors Brinkman and Gregory, Grover Cleveland (Navajo), Ganado, August 19091909-08uaida_mainImage/StillImage
31 251. Same as 248. W.C.M.1909-05uaida_mainImage/StillImage
32 287.(N-M.72). Same as N-M.711909-07uaida_mainImage/StillImage
33 265. Group of Hopis, Second Mesa, Arizona. A.C.Vroman, photouaida_mainImage/StillImage
34 234.(N-M.42). Navajo woman("Daisy") and child, Cornfields near Ganado, Ariz. 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
35 233.(N-M.41). Navajo women, Ganado, Arizona 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
36 215. (N-M.29). Same as N-M.251909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
37 209.(N-M.23). Navajos traveling. 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
38 206.(N-M.20). Navajos and whites, Sunrise springs, Arizona 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
39 250. Same as 248. W.C.M.1909-05uaida_mainImage/StillImage
40 286.(N-M.71). Building raft on San Juan River, July 19091909-07uaida_mainImage/StillImage
41 170. (N-M.3). Hubbell's New Store, Ganado, Arizona. Wagon loaded with wool. 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
42 275.(N-M.60). Walpi, Arizona. Hopi priests entering kivi after Snake dance. August 19091909-08uaida_mainImage/StillImage
43 169. (G-116). Hubbell's Old Store, Ganado, Arizona 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
44 267a. Hopi village, Walpi, looking south. Vroman, photouaida_mainImage/StillImage
45 236. Navajo girl. Schwemberger, photouaida_mainImage/StillImage
46 190.(N-M.10). Navajo camp, base of Carriso Mountains., Arizona 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
47 181. Sheep and goats, near Tuba, Arizona Stephen Janus, photouaida_mainImage/StillImage
48 276.(N-M.61). Purification. Priests drinking emetic after snake dance, Walpi Arizona August 19091909-08uaida_mainImage/StillImage
49 204.(N-M.18). Navajo boy, Sunrise Spgs., Arizona., near Ganado. 19091909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
50 218. (N-M.32). Same as N-M.251909uaida_mainImage/StillImage
26 - 50 of 5,384