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26 Sarah Allen working from home2020-05Image
27 Baking during staying at home2020-05Image
28 Watching television programs while staying at home2020-05Image
29 Calendar empty due to COVID-19 pandemic2020-05Image
30 Sarah Allen videoconferencing2020-05Image
31 Sarah Allen with chickens2020-05Image
32 Social distance signs, Smiths grocery store [2]2020-05Image
33 Social distance signs, Smiths grocery store [1]2020-05Image
34 Kylee Leilani Ehmann wearing face mask2020-05Image
35 Patio gardening2020-05Image
36 MA portfolio defense2020-05Image
37 Jaclyn Foster graduates wearing face mask2020-05Image
38 Closet now in bedroom2020-05Image
39 Home office in closet2020-05Image
40 Steph Ericson practices styling hair2020-05Image
41 Roommates visiting with social distance2020-05Image
42 Missing the dogpark2020-04Image
43 Pa School, craft made with horseshoes2020-04Image
44 Reagan Walker, Emma Davis, Riley Arnold, social distance prom2020-05Image
45 Story, Emma Davis2020-05Image
46 Savannah Davis making pretzels2020-05Image
47 Homemade soft pretzels2020-05Image
48 Easter eggs in window2020-04Image
49 Nate Horowitz does yoga on car2020-04Image
50 Social distance birthday party for Samuel Gillette [3]2020-03-29Image
26 - 50 of 134