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26 Jennifer Hamilton (Grandmother) embraces Millie Church (Granddaughter) before hospital stay2020-04Image
27 Church family visit grandmother at safe distance2020-04Image
28 Blake Church in basement isolation due to COVID-192020-04Image
29 Brooke Church, self-portrait2020-04Image
30 Social distancing measures at United States Post Office, Lehi2020-04Image
31 COVID-19 Digital Collection Planning Meeting screenshot2020-04-09Image
32 Family dinner on Zoom2020-04-05Image
33 Social distancing during Myntti family visit2020-03-31Image
34 Myntti family playing home game [1]2020-04-06Image
35 Myntti family playing home game [2]2020-04-07Image
36 Eli and Ava Myntti with chalk art2020-03-21Image
37 Sidewalk chalk art2020-03-21Image
38 Subway restaurant enforcing social distancing2020-03-27Image
26 - 50 of 38