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26 Great Salt Lake Diking Project: Addresses Given at the Alta Club DinerText
27 Great Salt Lake, Draft Comprehensive Management PlanText
28 Ground Water in the Jordan Valley UtahText
29 Ground-water movement and water quality in Lake Point, Tooele County, Utah, 1999-20032006Text
30 History of public land law development1987Text
31 How federal policies affect the allocation of water2006-08Text
32 Hydraulic and Geomorphic Monitoring of Experimental Bridge Scour Mitigation at Selected Bridges in Utah, 2003-052007Text
33 Lake Powell, Jewel of the ColoradoText
34 Lower Colorado Region comprehensive framework study of water and land resources : summary report, June 19711971-06Text
35 Lower Colorado Region Comprehensive Framework Study: Main Report 19711971Text
36 Management of the Great Salt Lake: A Research Plan and StrategyText
37 Model for Evaluating the Effects of Dikes on the Water and Salt Balance of Great Salt Lake, UtahText
38 Nineteenth Annual report of the Upper Colorado River Commission1967-09-30Text
39 One third of the Nation's land : a report to the President and to the Congress / by the Public Land Law Review Commission.1970Text
40 Public Domain Administration-- A Scientific Basis for Watershed ManagementText
41 The report of the President's Water Resources Policy Commission : Volume 1, A water policy for the American people1950Text
42 The Report of the President's Water Resources Policy Commission : Volume 3, Water resources law1950Text
43 Salt Lake City Watershed Management Plan: November, 1999Text
44 Salt Lake County 208 Water Quality Project, Economic and Demographic Futures 1975-1995Text
45 Seventeenth Annual report of the Upper Colorado River Commission1965-09-30Text
46 Stategies for the Conjunctive Management of Ground and Surface WatersText
47 Tables of the leaky aquifer well function1979Text
48 Teaching Soil and Water Conservation, A Classroom and Field GuideText
49 Ten rivers in America's future, from volume 2, the Report of the President's Water Resources Policy Commission1950Text
50 Tenth Annual Report of the Upper Colorado River Commission1959-01-01Text
26 - 50 of 77