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26 Tickets and invitations for James H. Linford and Mary Hooper (Blood) Linford, 1889 to 1940uum_lrfcText
27 Tickets and invitations for James H. Linford, 1886 to 1892uum_lrfcText
28 Invitations for James H. Linford to various events, 1889 to 1893uum_lrfcText
29 Letters exchanged in March 1975 between Lorenzo A. Richards and John J. Stewartuum_lrfcText
30 Duties: Soil scientist (physics), GS-7uum_lrfcText
31 Job description for Lorenzo A. Richards, Soil Scientist (Physics), GS-14 (undated)uum_lrfcText
32 Letter dated 14 June 1971 from Dr. Octavio Pessoa Aragao to Lark Instrumentsuum_lrfcText
33 Greeting cards sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1960s-1980suum_lrfcText
34 Letter date 11 April [year not given, possibly 1972] from "Allie and Dave" [Thorne] to Zilla and Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
35 Letter [undated] from Eugene H. Michaels to Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
36 Letter (undated) from Alan J. Bollman to Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
37 Letter dated 5 June (no year given, but possibly 1950) from Maurice Linford to Zilla Linford Richardsuum_lrfcText
38 Envelope postmarked 23 February 1949, used for a letter from Felix E. Ashcroft to Mary Linforduum_lrfcText
39 Patents and Trademarks documentation for Lark Instruments, 1956-1979uum_lrfcText
40 Travel reports by Lorenzo A. Richards and related correspondenceuum_lrfcText
41 Papers concerning Lorenzo A. Richards' soil moisture sensor, its description, and attempts to market ituum_lrfcText
42 Greeting cards sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1960s-1980suum_lrfcText
43 Correspondence, Zilla Linford Richards, 1930-1972uum_lrfcText
44 Personal Library Loan Book, 1930s-1970suum_lrfcText
45 Newsletters sent to Lorenzo A. Richards, 1967-1990uum_lrfcText
46 Correspondence, Felix E. Ashcroft, 1945-1950uum_lrfcText
47 Birth and baptism information on James Henry Linford Senior and his wife Zillahuum_lrfcText
48 Science and human valuesuum_lrfcText
49 Notes and Diagramsuum_lrfcText
50 Papers and notebooks concerning Lorenzo A. Richards' design of a soil moisture sensoruum_lrfcText
26 - 50 of 1,115