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26 Correspondence, letter from Fayez Sayegh to his parents and siblings1949uum_fascText
27 Correspondence, letters to Fayez Sayegh from his brothr Yusuf Sayegh and mother Afifah Sayegh1949-04uum_fascText
28 History of the Syrian National Party1945uum_fascText
29 Sayegh: United Nations 1950-1954: Contract, December 28, 19501950-12-28uum_fascText
30 Unfinished Manuscript by Sayegh: "A Refutation of Israeli Arguments and Zionist Ideology Concerning the Legality of the Establishment of Settlements (undated): Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting Human Rights of the Population of the Occupied Territories [Excerpt]1977-10-27uum_fascText
31 Existential Philosophy: A Dissertation for The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Georgetown (1950)1950-02uum_fascText
32 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: Conversation with Dr. Philip Hitti at Princeton, January 6, 19601960-01-06uum_fascText
33 Pamphlets, Correspondence and Comments on "Palestine Refugees" and "Question and Answers," 1951-1959: Mary Louise Fricker, March 11, 19521952-03-11uum_fascText
34 Radio Broadcasts Prepared by Radio Reports Inc. for the Arab Information Center, 1956: Says Arab League Nations All Hate Israel1956-04uum_fascText
35 Miscellaneous Correspondence on Arab-Israeli Conflict 1975-1977: Letter from Larry Ryan, July 20, 19751975-07-20uum_fascText
36 Correspondance from Fayez Sayegh to his brother Yusuf.1964uum_fascText
37 Untitled Incomplete Research and Manuscript Draft by Dr. Sayegh Regarding the Illegality of the Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories (undated): Citationsuum_fascText
38 Correspondence, George W. Saleeby to Fayez Sayegh1954uum_fascText
39 Sayegh Academic Records, Articles, and Correspondence: Report Card, 1937-19381938-06-21uum_fascText
40 Editors' and Authors' Views on Sayegh's Publications and Lectures 1952-1959: Draft, Sayegh's Review of "The Arab Refugee Problem"1952uum_fascText
41 Sayegh: United Nations 1950-1954: Jose F. R. Barbosa, March 28, 19521952-03-28uum_fascText
42 Miscellaneous Correspondence on Arab-Israeli Conflict (1975-1977): Morton A. Kaplan, April 8, 19771977-04-08uum_fascText
43 Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations: Sayegh's Statement on Organization and Correspondence 1967-1970: Summary of Report to United Nations Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations1970uum_fascText
44 Sayegh: United Nations 1950-1954: Naomi Osborne, November 20, 19511951-11-20uum_fascText
45 Miscellaneous Correspondence on Arab-Israeli Conflict (1975-1977): Donald L. Powers, July 19761976-07uum_fascText
46 Sayegh Correspondence with Dr. Aziz Atiya and Carroll Hurd: Letter of acceptance1965-04-25uum_fascText
47 Sayegh: Legation of Lebanon 1949-1952: Laura, November 28, 19491949-11-28uum_fascText
48 Correspondence, letter from Fayez Sayegh to his parents.1949uum_fascText
49 Research Connected with the Manuscript on Arab Property (undated): Palestine - Area, Ownership and Description [Excerpt 3]uum_fascText
50 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: Christina P. Harris, May 1, 19601960-05-01uum_fascText
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