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26 Wilmington Area Regional Transportation Plan 20252003-03-07uu_lu_tspText
27 Northern Sub-Area GA 4002001uu_lu_tspText
28 Baltimore, Vision 2030: Shaping Our Region's Future Together, Final Report2003-01uu_lu_tspText
29 Draft for Public Review: 2025 Chittenden County Metropolitan Transportation Plan2004-12-17uu_lu_tspText
30 Building Livable Communities: Jefferson Area Eastern Planning Initiative2000uu_lu_tspText
31 Our Region's Future: Envision Central Texas Briefing Packet2003-07uu_lu_tspText
32 The History of Envision Utahuu_lu_tspText
33 Strategy Analysis: Quality Growth Efficiency Tools2000-05uu_lu_tspText
34 Quality Growth Efficiency Tools: Information Brief1998-12uu_lu_tspText
35 Hampton Roads Smart Growth Analysis2003-04uu_lu_tspText
36 Minnesota Transportation-Related Impacts of Different Regional Land-Use Scenarios, Final Report2003-09uu_lu_tspText
37 Mountain View Corridor Overview of Scenarios: Growth Choice Phaseuu_lu_tspText
38 Orlando, Community Connections: A Transportation Vision for the Next 25 Years2003-08uu_lu_tspText
39 Interoffice Memorandum: Land Use Technical Memo1999-12-22uu_lu_tspText
40 A Network of Livable Communities: Evaluating Travel Benefit Effects of Alternative Transportation and Community Design for the National Capital Region1996uu_lu_tspText
41 Shaping the Future of the Nine-County Bay Area2002-10uu_lu_tspText
42 Smart Growth Strategy: Regional Livability Footprint Project, Alternatives Report2002-04uu_lu_tspText
43 Maricopa Regional Transportation Plan: Alternative Growth Concepts2003-02-01uu_lu_tspText
44 MAG Regional Transportation Plan, Phase 1: Analysis of Alternative Growth Concepts2003-02-07uu_lu_tspText
45 Contra Costa Shaping Our Future2003-07uu_lu_tspText
46 Impact Assessment of the New Jersey Interim State Development and Redevelopment Plan, Executive Summary1992-02-28uu_lu_tspText
47 Environmental Assessment: 17th Street Extension and Atlantic Steel Redevelopment Project, Fulton County, Georgia2000-08uu_lu_tspText
48 Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force, Summary Report2003-10uu_lu_tspText
49 Shasta County Regional Transportation Planning Agency, Shasta Forward>>Regional Blueprint Projectuu_lu_tspText
50 Willamette Valley Summary Report2000-12uu_lu_tspText
26 - 50 of 114