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26 Diary of B. H. Roberts, 1886 - 18871886; 1887uu_awmText
27 Diary of B. H. Roberts, 1890 - 18931890; 1891; 1892; 1893uu_awmText
28 Map no. 2, from the mouth of Trap Creek to the Santa Fe crossing.1855uu_awmImage/StillImage
29 Map no. 3 from the Santa Fe crossing to the Coo-Che-to-pa Pass.1855uu_awmImage/StillImage
30 Map no. 2, from the Great Salt Lake to the Humboldt Mountains.1855uu_awmImage/StillImage
31 Map showing the extent of surveys in the territory of Utah, 1856.1856uu_awmImage/StillImage
32 Preliminary Map of Routes Reconnoitered and Opened in the Territory of Utah1858uu_awmImage/StillImage
33 Map of wagon routes in Utah Territory explored and opened by Capt. J. H. Simpson...in 1858-59.1859uu_awmImage/StillImage
34 Preliminary map of routes reconnoitered and opened in the Territory of Utah by Capt. J. H. Simpson, Corps of Topographical Engineers, in the fall of 1858, under the orders of Bvt. Brigadier General A.S. Johnston, commanding the Department of Utah.1858uu_awmImage/StillImage
35 Map Exhibiting the Lines of March Passed Over by the Troops of the United States During the Year Ending June 30th 18581858uu_awmImage
36 Map showing the different routes travelled over by the detachments of the Overland Command in the spring of 1855 from Salt Lake City, Utah, to the Bay of San Francisco.1855uu_awmImage/StillImage
37 Map exhibiting the lines of march passed over by the troops of the United States during the year ending June 30th 1858.1858uu_awmImage/StillImage
38 Map no. 3, Rocky Mountains to Puget Sound.1855uu_awmImage/StillImage
39 Map No. 2, Riviere des Lacs to the Rocky Mountains.1854uu_awmImage/StillImage
40 Map of the Territory of New Mexico made by order of Brig. Gen. S.W. Kearny, under instructions from Lieut. W.H. Emory1848uu_awmImage/StillImage
41 Map of the Great Salt Lake and adjacent country in the Territory of Utah ; The Great Salt Lake (Mormon) City and surrounding country : (on an enlarged scale)1863uu_awmImage/StillImage
42 Map of explorations and surveys in New Mexico and Utah1860uu_awmImage/StillImage
43 Sketch of the country between South Pass and the Great Salt Lake.1857uu_awmImage/StillImage
44 Map of the Territory of New Mexico1850uu_awmImage/StillImage
45 Map exhibiting the routes between Fort Dalles and the Great Salt Lake.1859uu_awmImage/StillImage
46 Karte zu Balduin Mollhausen's Reise vom Mississippi nach der Kuste der Sudsee im Jahre 1853-18541854uu_awmImage/StillImage
47 Johnson's California, with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.1864uu_awmImage/StillImage
48 Utah and the Overland Routes to it from the Missouri River1855uu_awmImage/StillImage
49 Great Salt Lake City surveys platted for Cap. Richard F. Burton. by Bullock, Thomas.1860uu_awmImage/StillImage
50 Map of an exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842 and to Oregon & North California in the years 1843-41845uu_awmImage/StillImage
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