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26 Fluidized Bed Combustion of Scrap Tires1981uu_afrcText
27 Preliminary Investigation of Fine-Ground Coal Combustion1981uu_afrcText
28 Potential of Micronized Coal as an Alternate Fuel in Oil- and Gas- Fired Boilers1982uu_afrcText
29 Conversion of an Oil/Gas-Fired Industrial Boiler to Fire Hogged Fuel1982uu_afrcText
30 Slagging Behavior of Coal Ash in an Experimental Furnace1982uu_afrcText
31 Evolution of Canada's Coal-Liquid Mixture Program1982uu_afrcText
32 Influence of Mineral Matter in Coal on Steam Generator Conversions1982uu_afrcText
33 Retrofitting Biomass Burning Equipment to an Existing Gas/Oil Burning Plant1982uu_afrcText
34 The Use of the Pot Furnace for the Prediction of Stoker Performance1982uu_afrcText
35 Detailed Local Measurements in the BYU Entrained Coal Gasifier1982uu_afrcText
36 Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport: An Alternative for Conveying Pulverized Coal1982uu_afrcText
37 Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries1982uu_afrcText
38 Slurry Combustion Using an Ultrasonic Burner1982uu_afrcText
39 Coal Conversion of the District Heating Power Station in Vasteraas, Sweden1982uu_afrcText
40 Combustion Modifications for Coal-Fired Stoker Boilers1982uu_afrcText
41 A Heated Grid Study of the Pyrolysis/Oxidation Competition During Ignition of Coal Dust1982uu_afrcText
42 The Fluidized-Bed Combustion of Char1982uu_afrcText
43 Coal Slurries as Alternate Fuels for Oil-Designed Boilers1982uu_afrcText
44 Neat and Slurry Pulverized Coal Flames: A Combustion Data Bank1982uu_afrcText
45 An Assessment of the Utilization of Coal Oil Mixtures in Firetube Boilers1982uu_afrcText
46 Fuel Staging for Pulverized Coal Furnace NOx Control1982uu_afrcText
47 Technical Assessment of Refined Biomass Burn Demonstration at Florida State Hospital1982uu_afrcText
48 Control of Pollutant Emissions from Coal and Wood Combustion in Spreader-Stoker Systems1982uu_afrcText
49 Effect of Coal Particle Temperature on Ash Vaporization1982uu_afrcText
50 Potential of PFB and AFB Packaged Industrial Boilers1982uu_afrcText
26 - 50 of 994