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26 Maeser Second Ward Wins Float Award1974-08-01Image/StillImage
27 Motorcycle Give Away at Vernal Junior High Auditorium1974-08-15Image/StillImage
28 Television Cable Destroyed by Vandals1974-08-01Image/StillImage
29 The Class of 1924 Committee Plans 50th Reunion1974-08-01Image/StillImage
30 New Gibson's Center Ribbon Cutting1974-08-15Image/StillImage
31 Robert F. Clyde Announces Candidacy1974-08-01Image/StillImage
32 Participants in UC Library's Summer Reading Program1974-08-01Image/StillImage
33 11 Pound Catfish Caught at Jensen Bridge1974-08-01Image/StillImage
34 1890 Show Know Your Heritage 4-H Club Models1974-08-08Image/StillImage
35 President of the Uintah Basin Shrine Club1974-08-15Image/StillImage
36 Diane Batty Pioneer Day Queen & Attendants1974-08-01Image/StillImage
37 Crystal Reynolds Awarded Family Genealogical Award1974-08-01Image/StillImage
38 Governor Rampton and Wife Visit Vernal Chamber1974-08-08Image/StillImage
39 UBIC Baby Show Winners 6-12 Months Old1974-08-15Image/StillImage
40 Nancy Buist is Police Department's New Meter Maid1974-08-08Image/StillImage
41 UJHS Students on Mexican Tour1974-07-04Image/StillImage
42 Superior Tire-B.F. Goodrich Golf Classic1974-07-18Image/StillImage
43 Superior Tire-B.F. Goodrich Golf Classic1974-07-18Image/StillImage
44 Ashley Creek Bridge's Prestressed Concrete Trusses1974-07-18Image/StillImage
45 Ashley Creek Concrete Bridge Finished1974-07-18Image/StillImage
46 Women's Softball Competition1974-07-18Image/StillImage
47 Women's Softball Competition1974-07-18Image/StillImage
48 Saddle Give Away at Dance1974-07-04Image/StillImage
49 First Place Winning 50th Edition Yearbook1974-07-04Image/StillImage
50 Spaulding and Ratzler Caught German Brown Trout1974-07-25Image/StillImage
26 - 50 of 12,143