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26 Design of NatureBunker, Carol AnnThis paper embodies three main topics that repeatedly surfaced throughout my graduate experience. What is a design process? An intense study of the thing that you are designing. The design process is different for each individual depending on his or her attitude, character, and personal experience...Art/Art History1998-06
27 Dormiens vigils (while sleeping, watch)Webster, Maryann S.Dreams about a disappearing ecosystem and an increasing awareness of the fragile nature of our existence inspired the eighteen works in this exhibition. These works express a deepened concern through understanding of life and nature as fragile, precious and sacred. I have interpreted the gallery s...Art/Art History2001-05
28 Emanuel de Witte's market scenes reexamined: an analysis in economic studies and material cultureStout, Jeffrey DaleEmanuel de Witte (1617-1691/92) is generally considered the finest Dutch architectural painter of the seventeenth century. Scholars have focused almost exclusively on De Witte's paintings of church interiors; however, De Witte produced a number of exceptional market scenes that have gone relatively ...Art/Art History2006-12
29 The endurance of memoryCharles, JamesMy Master of Fine Arts exhibition consisted of nine prints and five mixed-media paintings. A variety of print making techniques were used. Photographic elements were incorporated with a Xerox-transfer method. The mixed-media paintings were done with traditional and nontraditional materials. My ...Art/Art History1998-03
30 Evolutionary intuitionBarton, Kent J.This body of work is the result of exploring new directions. The desire to push and to open myself to new information has always been my driving force. Making these forms required me to work and think about clay in a different way, building on my vocabulary with the material. Producing this series...Art/Art History2002-05
31 Exhaling the earthHedrick, AntoniaMy Master of Fine Art exhibit consisted of nine translucent, fiberglass body shells installed with seven graduated photographs, four sculptural briefcases, five oil on canvas paintings, and 40 home-made artifacts in plexiglass boxes. I completed this chronology of works during two years of gradua...Art/Art History1997-06
32 Exploration of the art objectDeCola, Jacob NicholasI am a sculptor who works with materials, an object maker concerned with both physical and conceptual process. A critical part of my method of working is to allow a record of this process to exist in the finished sculptures. Perhaps the most difficult and rewarding part of my graduate experien...Art/Art History2001-08
33 FactitiousLewis J. CrawfordThis paper is a journey into how I discovered the word factitious and re-defmed it for my artistic practice. I have broken down the paper into four different chapters that explore and explain this process. "Narrative Is Necessary," the first chapter, discusses the history of my research on narrati...Art/Art History2009-05
34 Final project paperCarpenter, TaraMy work explores the way people form connections, both inside their brains, and with other people. Neurologist Joseph LeDoux says, "The particular patterns of synaptic connections in an individual's brain, and the information encoded by these connections are the keys to who that person is" (3). In o...
35 Final project paperSmolarkiewicz, Zuzanna JoannaThe examination of personal identity inevitably leads to questions - the most common of which is what enables the perpetuation of the self. Who am 7? Am I myself because of my past, my present, or what I hope for in my future? Or does my identity emerge from my personal relationships with others,...Art/Art History
36 The four gracesAshby, M. GraceThe Four Graces is the culmination of two years of graduate work in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Utah. All but three pieces in my MFA exhibit were inspired by early- to mid-Twentieth-Century photography. It was the space and the placement of the figures that I wanted t...Art/Art History2004-12
37 Four stage & 3 months in-betweenRomo, VanessaTime stops right before change occurs. As you cease to exist in your usual state of mind, you find yourself alone, reflecting, and ask what lies ahead? This sliver in time feels like a terminal. Years pass and you move far from the moment you thought was the death of newness. It becomes a distant pa...Art/Art History2017-07
38 Gather-piece-stitch: The art of placeDownen, CelinePhilosopher Gaston Bachelard celebrates the "naive wonder we used to feel when we found a nest. This wonder is lasting, and today when we discover a nest, it takes us back to our childhood or, rather, to a childhood; to the childhoods we should have had." I use the nest as a metaphor in my art with...Art/Art History2016
39 Gather-piece-stitch: the art of placeDownen, CélinePhilosopher Gaston Bachelard celebrates the "naive wonder we used to feel when we found a nest. This wonder is lasting, and today when we discover a nest it takes us back to our childhood or, rather, to a childhood; to the childhoods we should have had." I use the nest as a metaphor in my art with t...Art and Art History2016
40 Hand to mouthRamachandran, Sylvia MeenaJust as we make tools to try to overcome our limitations, we make gestures to try to connect with people and things beyond ourselves. In this exhibition, I consider the utensil as a poetic extension of the body. The work follows a decade of contemplating the meaningfulness of daily tasks and of th...Art/Art History2006-08
41 The hat peopleKimball, PatriciaThe paintings in this exhibit are the result of two years of exploration dealing initially with landscape and then primarily with the figure. Looking back, the challenges were similar regardless of subject: first, how to expand the subject beyond an "objective" reality more or less faithfully r...Art/Art History2001-05
42 Herbarium obscura: shadow of natureRivera, Nancy E.Nature is ephemeral, fragile, and wild. Over time, we have learned to tame and control it: We grow lawns, cultivate houseplants, and manufacture synthetic facsimiles of nature for aesthetic and ornamental purposes. In this way and more, we manipulate how we experience and understand it. In my exhibi...Art/Art History2016
43 Iconography of the trailBrunvand, Sandra LynneA focusing element in my work is to confront the theme of life and death and how this dichotomy could be cast as metamorphoses of states of being. In many ways this is such a fundamental theme of our existence as to be at once too simple and too pervasive to be fully comprehended. As I co...Art/Art History2004-12
44 Improvisational structureHixon-Longaker, VictoriaI believe archetypal rhythms create life cycles and are manifest in the emotional, philosophical, and physical world. This environment is continuously churned by forces both positive and negative. My work is a direct response to this environment and its impact on the human experience. The power o...Art/Art History1996-06
45 In my neighborhood: an installationHart, AllynMy thesis installation, titled "In My Neighborhood," combined collage prints, paintings, and sculptural elements. The installation was loosely based on the structure of an ideal 1950's suburban American home. Found objects played a prominent role in both two- and three-dimensional constructions. ...Art/Art History1996-08
46 IntersectionDolberg, Daniel GlenThe unifying theme that runs throughout the paintings in my MFA show is that of space versus form. Light versus darkness and the interaction and relativity of color are secondary themes that I explore in my paintings. The subject matter I have chosen to explore in-depth is the architectural form o...Art/Art History2005-12
47 Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol: two disparate American artistic identities shaped by the nature-machine dichotomyVergadavola, Salvatore F.In 1942, in response to Hans Hofmann urging him to look outside himself and seek sublimity in nature Jackson Pollock replied, "I am nature," and later moved to The Springs, a rural area on Long Island, where in the isolation of his bam/studio created his signature hand-poured canvases. Two decades ...Art/Art History2004-12
48 Language and fragmentationBlundell, Simon HenryAs our environment becomes increasingly mediated, so does our experience. My work is a direct response to an overmediated enviroment. Through mediation, our experience becomes fragmented. I am exploring the role of photography in the process of fragmentation and the way we construct meaning from our...Art/Art History2003-12
49 Left behindMoore, Jeremiah LeeThis project paper contains a description of the development of my thesis exhibition. The introduction covers just over a year of work on a wood construction project, research on medieval maps, and how both endeavors influenced the advancement and outcome of my paintings. The second section titled ...Art/Art History2008-08
50 Mabel Dodge Luhan: portrait of a patronSteadman, Kandace CelesteMabel Dodge Luhan (1897- 1962) occupies an important and pivotal place in the artistic culture o f early twentieth-century America. Yet despite her prominence, Luhan is seldom heard o f today. This study examines Luhan's life and significance, using painted portraits, word portraits, and photograp...Art/Art History2006-05
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