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26 Sloan, Donald LeroyChanges in preferential hydration of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase from yeast brought about by coenzyme bindingYeast; Dehydogenases1972-12dissertation
27 Smith, Pamela MarieChaperone-Mediated Insertion of the Rieske Iron-Sulfur Protein into Respiratory Complex III2012-05dissertation
28 Jensen, Laran T.Characterization and function of metal ion clusters in metallothionein and metallothionein-like proteinsYeast; Copper-Binding1998-08dissertation
29 Kalyanasundaram, SandhlyaCharacterization of a behevior in Caenorhabditis elegans ADAR mutantsAdenosine Deaminase; Mutagenesis2006-12thesis
30 Tonkin, Leath ArnoldCharacterization of adenosine deaminases that act on RNA in Caenorhabditis elegansGenetics; Chemotaxis2004-12dissertation
31 Landesman, Michael BenjaminCharacterization of the Retroviral Budding Factor ALIX2012-05dissertation
32 McFadden, Mary LouiseChemical studies of antibodies and other serum gamma globulinsImmunoglobulins; Gamma globulins1954-07thesis
33 Young, Dallan BrentChromatin structure of the 5S ribosomal RNA genes and satellites in Xenopus laevisGenetics1982-12dissertation
34 Tennyson, Rachel B.Chromosome translocation : development and characterization of a novel genetic selection system in yeastGenetics2000-12dissertation
35 Sheets, Rebecca LynnCloning of the protease/polymerase (3CD) coding sequences into a baculovirus expression plasmid vectorGenetics; Chemical Synthesis; Genetic Vectors; Microbial1987-12thesis
36 Palmieri, Richard HenryComparative chemical study of several ATP-creatine transphosphorylasesEnzymes1972-08dissertation
37 Nelson, Jerry ReesComparison of in vivo and in vitro methods for detection of endotoxinImmunoelectrophoresis1973-12thesis
38 Levedahl, Blaine H.Comparison of the metabolism of testosterone and methyltestosterone and their relation to the in vitro metabolism of creatine and guanidoacetic acidMetabolism; Creatine1949thesis
39 Dalluge, Joseph JamesConformational flexibility and cold-adaptation of RNA: the role of dihydrouridineConformational Stability; 5,6-dihydrouridine; Nucleoside Modification1996-08dissertation
40 Van Vranken, Jonathan GarrettCoordinated Assembly of the Mitochondrial Electron Transport ChainBiology; Molecular biology; Biochemistry2017dissertation
41 Nittis, ThaliaCopper metallation of cytochrome oxidase2003-05dissertation
42 Geller, Bruce Lee.Copper, zinc-superoxide dismutase: subcellular location in rat liver lysosomes.Biology; Lysomes1982-12dissertation
43 Thorvaldsen, Joanne LouiseCopper-regulated transcription of metallothionein genes in the yeast Candida glabrataGenetics1995-06dissertation
44 Kimmel, Joe RCrystalline Papain.Biochemistry; Recrystallization1954-08thesis
45 Baird, Cheryl LynnDNA topoisomerase II: linking ATP to unlinkingDNA Topoisomerase (ATP-Hydrolysing)2000-12dissertation
46 Fetherolf, Morgan MinoruDefining the interplay between copper transfer and disulfide oxidation in copper zinc superoxide dismutasecopper; superoxide; superoxide dismutase2017dissertation
47 Hill, Trudy R. WilliamsDehydrogenase studies of Chorioallantioic fluids infected with influenza A virus (PRS)Dehydrogenases; Allantoic Fluids1950thesis
48 Taylor, Roger NorrisDerivation of evaluation survey data from proficiency testing for infectious mononucleosisMonuncleosis1974-12dissertation
49 Muna, Nadeem MitriDetection of tumor antigens in mouse and man by immunofluorescenceFluorescent Antibody Technique1968-06thesis
50 Kowalak, Jeffrey A.Determination of posttranscriptional modification in RNA by mass spectrometryPost-translational Modification; Genetics1994-06dissertation
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