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26 Reeder, Clarence Andrew Jr.The History of Utah's Railroads 1869-1883The nation's railways hold a fascination for thousands of enthuiastic Americans, young and old I who band together in model railroading clubs and organizations formed to study the history and folklore of the railroad. These arm-chair "railroaders" demand and are provided with numerous periodicals an...1970
27 Miller, David HenryThe Impact of the Gunnison massacre on Mormon-Federal Relations: colonel Edward Jenner Steptoe's command in Utah Territory, 1854-1855.The purpose of this study is to describe, evaluate, and analyze the impact of the Gunnison Massa9re on Mormon federal. relations. In particular this thesis examines the social and political relations between the Mormon community in Utah and the officers and soldiers of the command of Colonel Edward ...1968
28 Kahn, JeffreyJudas Iscariot: a vehicle of medieval didacticismThe role of Judas Iscariot in the French Passion plays of the f1iddle Ages shows itself to be of particular interest, not only because of the possible interpretations offered by this figure of semi-darkness, but also because some authors of fifteenth-century Mystery plays inserted a very curious leg...1976
29 Layton, Stanford JohnThe politics of homesteading in the early twentieth-century American West: the origin and supersession of the Enlarged homestead act and the stock raising homestead act1972
30 Lyman, Edward LeoHeber M. Wells and the beginnings of Utah's StatehoodAt about mid-day January 4, 1896, Salt Lake City erupted into enthusiastic celebration, triggered by a shotgun fired in front of the Western Union Telegraph Office. At the sound of the shot, sirens shrieked, whistles blew, bells rang and people went wild with excitement, Bands played patriotic music...Wells, Heber M. (Heber Manning); 1859-1938 Statehood (American politics) Utah -- History -- 19th century1967
31 Kaufman, Willam Felix SamuelNo Window2012
32 O'Byrne, MeganWelcome to the Machine: The Rhetorical Invention of Collectivity in Peaceful UprisingPeaceful Uprising grew out of civil disobedience actions taken in 2008 by Tim DeChristopher on behalf of the environment, when he illegally bid on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land parcels to withhold them from businesses that would exploit that land. The resulting collective is the focus of this...Communication; Rhetoric2017
33 Wilson, Michael B.The Psychological Construction of RaceRecent racially charged events have brought renewed focus on racial tensions in the United States, effectively ending the myth of a postracial society. Moreover, the recalcitrance of race-relevant social problems suggests that current methods of addressing those problems are inadequate, or at least ...Philosophy of Science; Social psychology; Cognitive psychology2017
34 Woolley, Spencer CurtisThe Last Battle Royale: The Catalyst of Lepanto and the Terminal Decline of Regnal SacralityAs the echo of the last cannon volleys faded into the smoke-filled breeze on the seventh of October 1571, the Battle of Lepanto evaporated from a concrete event and coalesced into a cloud of myth, repeating the same phenomenon of the Battle of Salamis some two thousand years before. Contemporary Eur...World History2017
35 Pynes, Steven Jeffrey Jr.Functional Morphology in Nahuatl Language RevitalizationThe Nahuatl language of Mexico, like many other indigenous and minority languages, faces language shift in the face of globalization. The particular historical role of Nahuatl as the language of the Aztec Triple Alliance and as a Mesoamerican lingua franca in the late pre-Columbian and early colonia...Linguistics2017
36 Page, Colby ThomasRegional Inequality in Health Care and Pollution in Urban China: An Assessment of Spatial Inequities in the Context of Chinese Economic History and Economic Development ThoughtSince the late 1970s, economic growth in developing countries has followed a pattern of privatization, liberalization, marketization, and a focus on economic development over human development. Postreform China has followed this pattern while at the same time maintaining several top-down strategies....Asian Studies; Geography; Economic theory2017
37 Martinez, Sumiko TadeharaInterpreters of Time, Architects of (Educational) Destiny: Youth Subjectivity and Agency at a Nontraditional High SchoolThis dissertation addresses the ways that students negotiate rhetorical constructions of subjectivity and agency, and how the logics of time work on subjectivity and agency within the context of a nontraditional high school. This work is necessary to elucidate a tension at the heart of not only main...Communication; Secondary education; Rhetoric2017
38 Luzbetak, Kailey AustinWhose Streets? The Contestation of Public Space: Main Street, Salt Lake CityDespite a large body of literature describing the way rural public lands are used in Utah and their contestation and significance, there is a gap in research conducted on the contestation of urban public spaces. In 1999, a block of Main Street was sold from Salt Lake City to the Church of Jesus Chri...Environmental Studies; Urban planning2017
39 Figueroa, RichardThe causal efficacy of conservation actions for preserving the short-term evolvability of wild popluationsConservation biology has prioritized the conservation of genetic variation within wild populations as the principal conservation action for preserving their short-term evolvability through rapid environmental change. The amount of heritable variation, i.e., variation due to genetic factors, within p...Philosophy of Science; Conservation biology; Evolution and Development2017
40 Abrams, Nels MartinThe Blank(Ish) Slate: Biology's Return to Analyses of Human AffairsIntellectuals today frequently incorporate biology into their analyses of human affairs. The fact that they do so is rarely acknowledged, much less questioned. However, when one learns the history of the relationship between biology and the social sciences, today's casual use of, and often dependenc...Science history2017
41 Rabinovich, TatianaThe transformation of political discourse in Egypt during Sadat's eraThis work traces the transformation of official political discourse in Egypt between 1971 and 1981 through official statements and written texts. Performative practices are also analyzed as locuters of discourse. Discursive shifts concern such topics as Israel, Zionism and Imperialism; state and gov...Middle Eastern Studies; Political science2011
42 Mizutani, MakotoThe journey of liberalism in Egypt in the twentieth century: From Ahmad Amin to Husayn Ahmad AminAhmad Amin (1886-1954) was a well established historian and a liberal thinker on the issue of cultural reform. His son, Husayn (1932-), is also widely known for his argument against the Islamic radicalism, particularly from the angle of a historian and a judiciary. Their roles and contributions coul...Middle Eastern history2010
43 Young, Trina KaeBuechner and the Bible: Function, configuration, and development of biblical quotations in the works of Georg BuechnerGeorg Büchner's oeuvre contains an extraordinary number of biblical quotations. Although previous research has traced the origins of various quotations and analyzed the contextualization of select quotations, a comprehensive investigation of the author's employment of biblical quotations is still l...Germanic literature; Biblical studies2011
44 Heern, Zackery M.Usuli Shi'ism : the emergence of an Islamic reform movement in early modern Iraq and IranBroadly speaking, this is a study in early modem socio-intellectual history. It seeks to trace the inception and development of one of the most powerful Islamic movements of the modem period: U suli Shi'ism. I also hope to contribute to a better understanding of the ideology and practice of the Usul...2011
45 Dogan, Emine HosogluLate Ottoman Muslim Women of Letters Vis-a-Vis the Gendered Discourse of "the New Ottoman Muslim Woman"This dissertation offers a study of the configurations of the idealized, new female gender identity in the public discourse within the late 19 th- and early 20th- century Ottoman Muslim urban context and investigates Ottoman Muslim women of letters' involvement in this discourse targeting their own ...Middle Eastern history; Gender studies2016
46 Kinney, TiffanyCultivating Legitimacy in a Religious Context: A Pan-Historical Analysis of Mormon FeminismReligious history; Womens studies; Communication; American literature; Rhetoric2017
47 Dawson, Veronica RadevaCommunicative constitution of the social organization: Issues of identity, conversation, and text in the social media contextEver since its emergence in the early 2000s, social media has been subject to a multitude of interpretations. One of these is as purveyor of participatory culture. Yet, when it comes to how organizations use social media to interact with various digital stakeholders and what, if any, impact this int...Marketing; Management; Communication2015
48 Larsen, BrookeRed Butte AudioAudio of running water from Red Butte Creek.Red Butte Creek - Utah; Sound2018
49 Borup, Whitney ElizabethSublime origins: the spectacle and power of early American superheroesWith the introduction of Superman in Action Comics #1 (published June 1938), Americans became fascinated with superheroes. Following the immediate success of Superman, the comic book industry created hundreds of characters that defied and surpassed all human capabilities. Radio, television, advertis...American Studies; Literature; Language, Literature and Linguistics2017
50 Liederbach, Nathaniel ThomasTongues of men and of angelsTongues of Men and of Angels is a collection of short works exploring E.L. Doctorow's claim that, "There is no longer any such thing as fiction or nonfiction; there's only narrative." Though the individual pieces in Tongues might be conventionally categorized as short memoirs and personal essays (an...American Literature; Language; Original Writing2014
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