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26 Essays on the causes and dynamic effects of oil price shocks2017Text
27 Essays on the indebtedness of U.S. households: a historical perspective2017Text
28 Food dependency in Sub Saharan Africa: Investigations into sources and policy debates2018Text
29 Foreign direct investment: catalyst of economic growth?2010-12Text
30 Free love, Linux and Leishmaniasis: developing a business model for communitarian innovation2012-05Text
31 Gendered poverty in peasant households: a case study of northern Mozambique2016Text
32 Household consumption, net worth, and the macroeconomics of asset price inflation2015Text
33 How government officials with discretion make decisions: a case study of tax law2010Text
34 Ideology and rhetoric in the textbook presentation of mainstream economics: the case of samuelson's "economics"2017Text
35 The impact of NAFTA on the U.S. labor market2010-08Text
36 Information, international capital mobility, and the relationship between domestic savings and investment2018Text
37 Institutions and the willingnessd to pay for water in Pakistan2018Text
38 The interaction between culture, institutions, and competition in shaping labor market outcomes: discrimination, labor market structure, and inequality2019Text
39 International trade, techonogy, and inequalities in Japan's labor market: a gender perspective2018Text
40 Laboratory investigation of individual and market behavior under risk: three Essays2018Text
41 Market sentiment, asset prices, and the macroeconomy2019Text
42 The minimum wage, income, and health: evidence from the United States2019Text
43 The political economy of Maurice Dobb: history, theory, and the economics of reproduction, crisis, and transformation2011-05Text
44 Polygamy's impact on mortality: modeling polygamous mortality in the great basin2019Text
45 Price Elasticities of Demand and the Logit Model2000Text
46 Profit rate, balance of payments, and economic growth: three essays on the Thai economy from 1970 to 20102013-08Text
47 Reclaiming humanity: the social theory of Karl Polanyi1997-06-05Text
48 Rhetoric of social security reform in the United States2010Text
49 The societal cost of obesity and its behavioral precursors: new estimates of time-use and the cost-effectiveness of a coaching intervention targeted at women in minority communities2015-08Text
50 Technological injection, dynamic new capital measurements, and production theory in Economics2010-12Text
26 - 50 of 66