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26 Faith Community Nursing Evolving Specialty2010Videoehsl_conrll
27 Improving Mental Health Services in a County Mental Health System: Bridging the Gap2010Videoehsl_conrll
28 Women Midlife Assessment Program2010Videoehsl_conrll
29 REDCap Research Electronic Data Capture2010Videoehsl_conrll
30 VA Nursing Academy: Update2010Videoehsl_conrll
31 Doing Research: Research Career Trajectory, 19782010Videoehsl_conrll
32 Technology2010Videoehsl_conrll
33 Grief and the Holidays, 20102010Videoehsl_conrll
34 Engaging Diverse Populations in Community-Based Participatory Health Research Building Community, Building Scholars2011Videoehsl_conrll
35 A Survey of Provider Experience with Management for IUD Insertion and a Cautionary Tale of Adopting Off-Label Medications2011Videoehsl_conrll
36 Adolescent Health Literacy in a Special Population Juvenile Corrections2011Videoehsl_conrll
37 Qualitative Research Addressing Somali Bantu Resettlement Experience2011Videoehsl_conrll
38 Biological Samples and Measures in Nursing Research: Joys and Pains2010Videoehsl_conrll
39 Aging and Dying in Prison Needs and Implications for Prison Hospice2011Videoehsl_conrll
40 A Theoretical Framework and Practical Approaches for a Concept-Based Curriculum2011Videoehsl_conrll
41 Grief and the Holidays, 20112011Videoehsl_conrll
42 Case Studies How to Use the Advocate System with Selected Student Conduct Issues2011Videoehsl_conrll
43 Integrating Health Literacy Concepts into Undergraduate and Graduate Curricula2011Videoehsl_conrll
44 Dealing with Chronic Pain and Grief Caused by Death: Suggestions for Clinical Practice2011Videoehsl_conrll
45 Global Health for Nursing: International Student Placements2011Videoehsl_conrll
46 Distance Learning Communities: What We Know About PhD Nursing Education2011Videoehsl_conrll
47 Ban the 1-10 Scale: An Innovative Approach to Labor Pain2011Videoehsl_conrll
48 Barriers to Simulation Utilization2011Videoehsl_conrll
49 The Barekuma Community Collaborative Development Project: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Global Health Development2011Videoehsl_conrll
50 Reducing Health Disparities in the US Mexico Border Region Community Academic Partnerships2011Videoehsl_conrll
26 - 50 of 5,707