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26 Phil Andersen in front of 310th Infantry Regiment Headquarters2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
27 Phil Andersen standing by an American Army Jeep in Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
28 Phil Andersen with camera in Berlin, Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
29 Phil and Hal Andersen together in Frankfurt, Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
30 Private Sad Sack2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
31 Sailing on the Frederick Victory2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
32 Soldiers crossing the Rhine River at Cologne Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
33 Soldiers in formation at 310th Infantry Headquarters in Berlin Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
34 Soldiers leaving Mengeringhausen, Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
35 Soldiers on a German dive bomber2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
36 Soldiers riding tanks to Cross the Rhine River.2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
37 Soldiers stopped on a halt relaxed and talking2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
38 Souvenir Card for Lightning Division for Berlin2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
39 Support War Effort Postcard2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
40 Telegram from Berlin at Christmastime 19452004uu_lslImage/StillImage
41 The bombed out areas of Kassel Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
42 Traveling through the Ruins of Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
43 Troops marching in deep snow2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
44 Troops marching in mud through German Villages2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
45 Two Foot Soldiers, Hal and Phil Andersen2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
46 US Army Soldiers capturing German soldiers in a German town2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
47 US Army Soldiers marching through a Ruhr Pocket Village2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
48 US Army Soldiers posing for picture2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
49 Unfinished Pontoon bridge at the Rhine River2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
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