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26 The effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancy1983-06Text
27 Effects of a deliberative nursing approach on afterpains1967-06Text
28 Effect of hot and cold fluids on oral temperatures1969-06Text
29 Effect of play therapy on preschool children who are receiving injections1975-05Text
30 Uterine volume as a predictor of birthweight1980-06Text
31 Variables affecting children's blood pressures1975-06Text
32 Verification of maternal report of infant temperament by observation1980-03Text
33 Effects of brief psychiatric nursing intervention on patient socialization1972-06Text
34 Effects of high-dose cyclophosphamide in the isolated rabbit heart1980-12Text
35 Touch relaxation and response to labor contractions1976-06Text
36 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients throughout hospitalization1976-06Text
37 Anxiety levels of hospitalized psychiatric patients throughout total hospitalization1972-06Text
38 Comparative study of death anxiety among baccalaureate nursing students1997-06Text
39 Comparative study of the nurse and the physician giving primary care at the well-child conference1971-06Text
40 Comparison of separation behaviors on the Winnicott set situation" and the modified Ainsworth paradigm of nine month old infants;"1980-08Text
41 Comparison of hospital maternity charges to consumers of certified nurse-midwives, family practitioners, and obstetricians1982-12Text
42 Comparison of physician's and nurses's opinions of autonomous nursing functions1967-06Text
43 Comparison of the effectiveness of a hexachlorophene and non-hexachlorophene product as a handwashing agent1973-06Text
44 Comparison of perceptions of infant behaviors and development by adolescent and nonadolescent mothers1979-03Text
45 Concerns of primiparous mothers regarding infant care1976-06Text
46 Comparative effectiveness of the three-maneuver enema and regular cleansing enemas1968-06Text
47 Comparison of types of management of normal labor and maternal fetal outcome1979-08Text
48 Changes in self-actualization among senior nursing students1977-12Text
49 Home births in Salt Lake County in 19751976-08Text
50 Marketing research and strategy in nurse-midwifery: a promotional plan1988-06Text
26 - 50 of 601