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26 Portrait of Brigham Young with cane and top hat. ZCMI Brigham Young Award. Legend has it that in the early days of ZCMI, Brigham Young was taking a customary tour of the store when he noticed a "wavy" mirror. Immediately he raised his cane and smashed the mirror into a thousand pieces saying, "We don't sell that to anyone!" By so doing, he set a standard of excellence for "America's First Department Store" which continues to this day. Our replica cane represents the highest standard of quality and service.Image
27 Richard H. MadsenImage
28 Richard H. MadsenImage
29 Richard H. MadsenImage
30 Richard H. MadsenImage
31 Women posing next to one of the 40 pine pillars on main floor, center section, ZCMI, Salt Lake City, Utah, May, 1968.1968-05Image
32 ZCMI and Studebaker Bros. Manufacturing Company, Salt Lake City, Utah.Image
33 ZCMI basement store, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1949.1949Image
34 ZCMI building.Image
35 ZCMI Chief Executive Officers: Brigham Young (1868), H.B. Clawson (1869-1873, 1875-1876), William H. Hooper (1873-1875), Horace S. Eldredge (1876-1881, 1883-1888), William Jennings (1881-1883), Thomas G. Webber (1888-1919), John F. Bennett (1920-1931), Gus P. Backman (1928-1929), William L. Walker (1929-1933), R.W. Madsen (1933-1946), Harold H. Bennett (1946-1973), Oakley S. Evans (1973-1983), Joseph A. Anderson (1983-1985), Lowell M. Durham Jr. (1985-1990), Richard H. Madsen (1990- ).Image
36 ZCMI stagecoach.Image
37 ZCMI storefront decorated in celebration of Utah becoming the 45th state, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1896.1896Image
38 ZCMI, Idaho Falls Branch, located where Idaho Falls library parking lot is today.Image
39 ZCMI, Salt Lake City, Utah.Image
40 ZCMI, Salt Lake City, Utah.Image
41 ZCMI, Salt Lake City, Utah.Image
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