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26 Lowry Nelson and Secretary of State Dean Rusk with public members of the 1961 Foreign Service Selection boards1961uum_mapImage
27 Lowry Nelson in the eighth grade, Ferron, Utah, 19061906uum_mapImage
28 Lowry Nelson with the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, 19331933uum_mapImage
29 Lowry Nelson with the policy committee and staff of TALA (Study of Technical Assistance in Latin America), November 19531953-11uum_mapImage
30 Lowry Nelson with volunteer workers from Price, Utah helping to construct the Midland Trail, Summer, 19131913uum_mapImage
31 Lowry Nelson, George A. Donahue and C.W. Martin, 19571957uum_mapImage
32 Modernized log houseuum_mapImage
33 Mr. and Mrs. David Broadhead, 19191919uum_mapImage
34 Old Meeting House [2]1951uum_mapImage
35 Old Meeting House [3]1951uum_mapImage
36 Old Meeting House, Escalante [1]1951uum_mapImage
37 Post Office, 1923uum_mapImage
38 Post Office, 1950s1950uum_mapImage
39 Provo Utah, 19271927uum_mapImage
40 The School House, 19231923uum_mapImage
41 The School House, 19501950uum_mapImage
42 Two wives of Andrew P. Schow, James Schow, Martin Liston and William Osborn. These people were among the first settlers in Escalante, Utah.1923uum_mapImage
26 - 50 of 42