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26 Painting of Count Marshall Frederick Von Rosen, Marshall of France.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_19
27 Portrait of Moses Wade.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_20
28 Mary Ella Hickman and husband Frederick John Kohlhepp at American Falls, ID, near their brick home, circa 1915. The home and the site where the couple are sitting are now under water.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_21
29 Constance Kohlhepp, Mary Ella Hickman Kohlhepp, Frederick John Kohlhepp, unidentified, unidentified, Judge Edward Quinlin, Annalee Kohlhepp, Lorenzo Lisonbee Sr., unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, and Sarah K. Bird.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_22
30 Fredericka Jonson, born August 19, 1829, died December 21, 1907.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_23
31 Hugo Joseph Avarell, Agnes Ellis, Violet Ellis, Aina Claire Avarell, John Elof Avarell, John Ellis, and Teckla Anderson Avarell.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_24
32 Hilma Gustavson Avarell, Teckla Anderson Avarell, Alice Gustavson Avarell, John Elof Avarell, Albin Ellis.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_25
33 Corporal Hugo Joseph Avarell in uniform while serving in France during World War I, 1918.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_26
34 Sister Munk and Annalee Kohlhepp in Long Beach, CA while serving in the California L.D.S. Mission, 1920.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_27
35 Large group of soldiers and trucks gathered around a frozen fountain in France during World War I. Hugo Joseph Avarell is probably one of the men.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_28
36 Portrait of John Frederick Anderson, born April 18, 1824, died January 30, 1901, adopted Teckla Anderson.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_29
37 Teckla Anderson, born April 13, 1861, died November 10, 1941 in Los Angeles.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_30
38 Maria Charlotta Anderson, born May 23, 1883, died January 3, 1911, adopted Teckla Anderson.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_31
39 Headstone of Hugo J. Avarell, May 26-27, 1923, found in the Los Angeles Rosedale Cemetery on the corner of Washington and Normandic Blvd.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_32
40 The Kohlhepp sisters, Eda, Minerva, Annalee, Marie, and Sarah, 1900.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_33
41 Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert, Minerva Wade Hickman, Ren Lisonbee, Lorenzo Lisonbee, John Frederick Kohlhepp, Mary Ella Hickman Kohlhepp, Sarah Kohlhepp, Eda K. Lisonbee, Annalee Kohlhepp, unidentified adopted child, Constance Kohlhepp, and Herman ?, Jr.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_34
42 Frederick John Kohlhepp, born 1862 in Chelsa, MA.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_35
43 Eda, Minerva, Sarah, and Annalee Kohlhepp near their brick home on the Snake River before the dam was built.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_36
44 Marie Kohlhepp Nash, Mary Ella Hickman, and Anna Olea Kohlhepp in Salt Lake City, circa 1918-1919.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_37
45 "Grandma Dilby and Minerva Wade Hickman just before she died, circa 1918."P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_38
46 "The old two story brick home of Grandparent in American Falls, ID, before it was flooded by the dam...Eda Lorenzo Lisonbee and family, Hickman's."P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_39
47 Portrait of Moses Wade.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_40
48 William Adams Hickman Family.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_41
49 Mary Ella, Warren and Surujror Hickman.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_42
50 Margaret, Minerva Lerona and Moses Hickman.P0617 Hope A. Hilton Photograph CollectionP0617n1_03_43
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