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26 An unidentified shoe-shine store with three men inside.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_02
27 Louis Lingos (Lingoxegakis) and his Liberty Coffee and Lunch House, 1915.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_03
28 The interior of the Lingos Grocery, 1930, formerly of 126 West, 2nd South in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later torn down for the construction of the Salt Palace.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_04
29 Interior of the Liberty Cafe.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_05
30 Peter Panagos with wife and friends, dining on board the Nea Hellas, 1954.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_06
31 Mr. Thimios in his coffeehouse, 1912.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_07
32 Group portrait. Seated second from left is Harry Miles, owner of several Salt Lake hotels. Second from right, seated, is the father of Paul Koulis. Standing second from right is Louis Lingos. Wilson Hotel, 1912.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_08
33 Harry Pantelakis; a baker in Salt Lake City, ca. 1920.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_09
34 Mr. Gregory Halles; a Salt Lake confectionary owner.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_10
35 The Politz Candy Company and its employees, Salt Lake City, Utah.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_11
36 Paulos Milonogiannis with co-owner of the Parthenon Coffeehouse in Salt Lake City, 1910.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_05_12
37 The Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 1969.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_06_01
38 The Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Ogden, Utah. Consecrated December 21, 1968.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_06_02
39 The Holy Trinity Greek Church, Salt Lake City, Utah. On the left, a memorial building honoring 20 American soldiers of Greek descent who died in World War II.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_06_03
40 The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Price, Utah. Consecrated August 15, 1916.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_06_04
41 House in Greece which was the birthplace of Peter Panagos, 1954.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_01
42 Postcard; view of the town of Castorion, Greece, 1961.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_02
43 Seated is Angeliki Sideris Panagos. Left is Anna Kolimotis Em. Kontoleos. Right is Stamatia Em. Kontoleos Jr. Panagos. Front standing is Peter J. Panagos. Leonidion, Arcadia, Greece, 1904.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_03
44 Angelo Karombolitis(?) and part of his family. Castorion, Sparta, Greece, 1900.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_04
45 Ancestors of Mrs. James Skedros.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_05
46 Reproduction of an earlier photograph of unidentified people.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_06
47 Reproduction of an earlier photograph of an unidentified person.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_07_07
48 Formal portrait of three men. Right is John Leventis, the leader of Greek strikers in the Bingham (mine?) strike of 1912. In the center is Joseph Coucourakis, 1912.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_08_01
49 Baby portrait of John Panagos, 1928.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_08_02
50 The Pistolas brothers on the back of a Union Pacific train car.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n01_08_03
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