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326 Photographs from Lintsing, from Susan B. Tallmon, 1906-1907: set 31906; 1907; 1908; 1909; 1910; 1916Text
327 Letters from American missionaries in China, April 19271927Text
328 Letter dated 7 November 1936 from Valley Nelson to friends1936-11-07Text
329 New self-help dormitory for Spartan athletes1936-09-10Text
330 North China Mission, Tehsien (Techow) Station, General report for 1925, Page 11925Text
331 Letter dated 11 September 1925 from Flora K. Heebner to Mrs. Minnie Ellis1925-09-11Text
332 Susan B. Tallmon Sargent address book: additions, set 4Text
333 Letter from Edith Tallmon to her father (undated but probably from winter of 1922)Text
334 Greetings 1916: helping the doctor1915Text
335 Notes from Susan Tallmon's Grinnell public schools daysText
336 Pagoda at Lintsingchow, Shantung, China: Missionaries of the American Board, located at Lintsingchow, 19151915Text
337 Schedule for Fourth of July celebration in China1916-07-04Text
338 Post card dated 21 August 1933 from Edith Park to Clara Jones1933-08-21Text
339 Letter dated 24 February 1936 from Alice E. Murphy to U.S. friends1936-02-24Text
340 Clara Tallmon Jones memoirs from childhood in Grinnell, IowaText
341 Letter dated 25 May 1936 from Alice M. Huggins to friends and potential volunteers for missionary service, Page 11936-05-25Text
342 Letter dated 27 July 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon to her father1921-07-27Text
343 Letter dated 10 December 1930 from Emery W. Ellis to friends1930-12-10Text
344 Letter dated 5 June 1936 from Emma Boose Tucker to her children, Part 21936-06-05Text
345 Programs for student programs, 1890sText
346 Report for 1915 of Lintsing Hospital of the American Board1916Text
347 Letter dated 18 July 1936 from Valley Nelson to Grace, page 31936-07-18Text
348 Christmas at Lintsing, Shantung, China (possibly 1925), by Ethel M. Long1925Text
349 Letter dated 1 October 1925 from Emery Ellis to E. F. StephensText
350 Four letters from 1928 by Emma Boose Tucker, Alma L. Cooke, and Doris Burton, with a report on 'the Lintsing memorial hospital during war and famine"1928Text
326 - 350 of 794