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326 Effect of Coal Particle Temperature on Ash Vaporization1982
327 Effect of Coal Quality on the Performance of Low-NOx Burners1988
328 The Effect of Combustion Modifications on SCR Performance1994
329 The Effect of Fuel and Air Mixing on NOx Production in a Model Industrial Natural Gas Fired Burner1992
330 Effect of Fuel Composition on Emissions from Ultra Low NOx Burners1995
331 Effect of Fuel Gas Composition and Excess Air on VOC Emissions and Flame Structure of a Small-Scale Industrial Burner1995
332 Effect of Fuel Structure on Oxygenated Aromatic Species in a Premixed Flat Flame1985
333 Effect of Incoming Mixing on Carbon Loss from a Pulverized Coal-Fired Burner1995
334 Effect of Low-Nox Firing Conditions on Carbon-in-ash in a Wall Fired Boiler1998
335 Effect of Premixing of Fuel and Air on NOx Formation1994
336 The Effect of Pulverised Coal Type and Burner Parameters When Staging Air Combustion for NOx Reduction1983
337 Effect of Soot on NOx Emissions in an Oil Fired Industrial Glass Melting Furnace1999
338 Effect of Surface Temperature on Coal Mineral Deposition in Heat Engines1988
339 Effect of Trace Combustion Species on SNCR Performance1991
340 Effects of 02 Enrichment on the Preformance of a Low NOx Burner1994
341 The Effects of Coal Particle Size on Reductions of NOx and Unburnt Carbon1991
342 The Effects of Fuel Jet Precession on the Global Properties and Emissions of Free Turbulent Jet Flames1995
343 Effects of Mixing and Thermal Quenching on NO Reduction by Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction in the Presence of CO1995
344 Effects of Oxygen Enrichment on the Performance of Air Fuel Burners1986
345 Efficiency of flare flames in turbulent crosswind2010Flares are used for the safe, clean and economical disposal of waste gases, whether in upstream oil production (solution gas flares), refineries, gas plants or other chemical processing facilities. Elevated flares are exposed to all the weather patterns, perhaps the most important is the crosswind. ...
346 Efficient Use of Natural Gas in Furnaces Boilers and Other Process Heating Applications1999
347 Emission Characteristics of Petroleum and Alternative Liquid Fuels1979
348 Emission Control of Small Fluidized Bed Combustors Utilizing Biomass Fuels1994
349 Emission Reduction From Waste Combustors Using Natural Gas1987
350 Emissions Behavior of a High Temperature Industrial Burner in a Controlled Simulation of a Practical Furnace Environment1996
326 - 350 of 927