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301 Development of National Emission Guidelines for Stationary Combustion Turbines1994
302 Development of New Type Gas Burner for Radiant Tube1984
303 Development of Oxygen COG Combustion System for Steel Reheating1996
304 Development of Oxygen Jet Burner in Electric Arc Furnace1998
305 Development of Radiant Tube Heating System for High-Temperature and for High-Combustion Load1994
306 Development of Reducing and Direct Fire Heating Technology1991
307 Development of Reformer Burner Design Criteria for Pressurized Fuel Cell Power Plant Application1991
308 Development of Regenerative Burner System for Radiant Tubes1991
309 Development of RH-Multi-Function-Burner1995
310 Development of Supplementary Firing Burner for Gas Turbine Repowering System1994
311 Development of Swirl Burner Series for Steel Making Processes1994
312 Development of the Advanced LIDS System as an Integral Part of the Babcock & Wilcox Low Emission Boiler System1994
313 Development of the MIT-RSFC Low NOx Burner for Pulverized Coal Combustion1994
314 Development Program and Operating Experience of Pulverized Coal Staged Combustion Burners for Steam Boilers1979
315 Diagnostic Field Measurements in High Temperature Industrial Scale Process Equipment1998
316 Diesel Burner Development for 500-Watt Portable Thermophotovoltaic Generator1999
317 Dilute Oxygen Combustion1996
318 Dilute Oxygen Combustion a New Approach for Low NOx Combustion1992
319 Dilute Oxygen Combustion a New Approach for Low NOx Combustion1992
320 Dioxin Emissions From Incineration Processes: Role of Feedstock Constituents1987
321 Dioxin, Furan, Particulate, and Trace Metal Emissions From Municipal Refuse Incinerators1987
322 Distribution of Volatile Trace Elements in Emissions and Residuals From Pilot Scale Liquid Injection Incineration1987
323 DOE Industrial Combustion Activities: Focusing on Industrial Combustion Needs Into the 21st Century1996
324 Effect of Acoustic Atomization on Combustion Emissions1996
325 Effect of Advanced NOx Control Options on Furnace Exit Gas Temperature and Water Wall Heat Flux in a Utility Boiler1991
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