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301 Panzarine, SusanAdolescent mothers: perceived stressors, social supports and coping during the puerperium.This study was undertaken to describe the adolescent mother's experiences during the puerperium. Specifically, its purposes were to explore her perceived stressors, the coping strategies she used to deal with these stressors and the unpleasant emotions they generated, and her perceived social suppor...Nursing; Teenage Mothers1983-08
302 Mackaronis, Julia E.Adolescent sexual offending: assessing sexual interest and exploring treatment trajectories and outcomeHow to best treat individuals who commit child sex offenses is a perennial concern. Many of these perpetrators are adolescents. In order for mental health professionals to adequately address this group's unique treatment needs, further research is necessary. The present research addressed the assess...Adolescent; Assessment; Offending; Sexual; Treatment2014-05
303 Winegarner, Helen SueAdolescent utilization patterns at the West Valley and Ogden Planned Parenthood clinics before and after the establishment of the teen center.Adolescent utilization patterns at the Ogden and West Valley Planned Parenthood Clinics were studied for time periods from before and after the establishment of the Teen Center, a peer counseling and referral center next to the West Valley Planned Parenthood Clinic. Results showed a significant incr...Utah; Family Planning1997-06
304 Blevins, Maria DawnAdopting sustainability into the mechanical engineering design process: organizational change through a lens of structurationGlobal climate change presents large-scale challenges to humanity. Vast, urgent, and creative changes are necessary to reduce impending consequences. Although technology cannot be viewed as a cure all, changes in energy sourcing, manufacturing, and industrial emissions are necessary to reduce carbo...Environmental communication; Organizational communication; Structuration; Sustainability education2015-05
305 Burns, Thomas WadeAdrenocorticotrophic hormone in the body fluids.a. Semi-quantitative assays indicate that exposure to urine probably does not inactivate ACTH. b. Urine from normal subjects and patients were assayed for adrenocorticotrophic activity. In two instances there was detection of slight amounts of ACTH. One of these has an individual believed to have...Analysis; ACTH1948
306 Dong, David EdwinAdsorption of low density lipoproteins to biomedical polymersThe area of blood-lipid interaction with biomedical polymers has not been clearly defined. The purpose of the dissertation was to examine the interaction of the blood lipid, low density lipoprotein (LDL), with a select group of biomedical polymers. The adsorption characteristics of LDL was studied...Pharmeceutics; Bioproteins1983-12
307 Tian, KunAdvanced Materials and Concepts for Spintronics, 2D Electronics, and BiosensorsNanomaterials have influenced various fields and improved our quality of living through multiple smart devices. However, much more development is still needed in the field of medicine for early diagnosis of disease and treatments; the performance of computational devices for increased data flow; and...Nanotechnology; Materials science2018
308 Welsh, Christopher LeeAdvanced imaging tools for quantifying cardiac microstructureDiffusion tensor MRI (DT-MRI or DTI) has been proven useful for characterizing biological tissue microstructure, with the majority of DTI studies having been performed previously in the brain. Other studies have shown that changes in DTI parameters are detectable in the presence of cardiac pathology...Compressed Sensing; Constrained Reconstruction; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Motion Compensation; Small Animal Imaging2015
309 Hong, KyungpyoAdvanced magnetic resonance imaging of extracellular volume for guiding left ventricular assist device therapyHeart failure (HF) is a significant health care problem in the United States. Many patients advance towards end stage HF despite optimal medical therapy. For patients with end stage HF, unfortunately, therapeutic options are limited. While heart transplantation is the most proven treatment for impro...CMR; fibrosis; heart failure; LVAD; Biomedical engineering2016
310 Teng, Shiang JenAdvanced materials and concepts for energy storage devicesOver the last decade, technological progress and advances in the miniaturization of electronic devices have increased demands for light-weight, high-efficiency, and carbon-free energy storage devices. These energy storage devices are expected to play important roles in automobiles, the military, pow...Lithium ion battery; Solid state electrolyte; Supercapacitor2014-12
311 Siegel, Gene PhillipAdvanced materials and methods for next generation spintronicsThe modern age is filled with ever-advancing electronic devices. The contents of this dissertation continue the desire for faster, smaller, better electronics. Specifically, this dissertation addresses a field known as "spintronics", electronic devices based on an electron's spin, not just its charg...spin caloritronics; Spin injection; Spintronics2015
312 Mahoney Jr, Arthur W.Advanced methods for controlling untethered magnetic devices using rotating magnetic fieldsThis dissertation presents results documenting advancements on the control of untethered magnetic devices, such as magnetic \microrobots" and magnetically actuated capsuleendoscopes, motivated by problems in minimally invasive medicine. This dissertationfocuses on applying rotating magnetic elds for...Capsule endoscopy; Magnetics; Medical robotics; Microrobotics2014-08
313 Cai, HongzhuAdvanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic dataThere is a strong interest in developing effective methods to estimate the depth-to-basement. Potential field methods have already been widely used in this application by parameterizing the earth's subsurface into 3D cells. I introduce a new method of solving this problem based on the 3D Cauchy-type...Depth-to-basement; Electromagnetic; Gravity; Integral equation; Inversion; Magnetic2015
314 Phansalkar, Shobha.Advanced methods for detection of adverse drug events in clinical notes.Manual chart review is used as the gold standard in many adverse drug event (ADE) detection studies. Owing to large resource utilization and expense this method is generally reserved for research studies. Building an expert system capable of mimicking the human expert's decision pathway would increa...Drugs; Automataic Data Processing2007-08
315 Nagel, James RichardAdvanced methods for light trapping in optically thin silicon solar cellsThe fi eld of light trapping is the study of how best to absorb light in a thin fi lm of material when most light either reflects away at the surface or transmits straight through to the other side. This has tremendous application to the fi eld of photovoltaics where thin silicon fi lms can be manu...Photovoltaics; Thin films; Wave guidance; Light trapping; Light absorption; Silicon solar cells2011-11
316 Lindley, Marc DanielAdvanced noncontrast magnetic resonance angiography of the thoracic and peripheral arteriesThe gold standard for evaluation of arterial disease using MR continues to be contrast-enhanced MR angiography (MRA) with gadolinium-based contrast agents (Gd-MRA). There has been a recent resurgence in interest in methods that do not rely on gadolinium for enhancement of blood vessels due to associ...2017
317 Velasco Guachalla, RaulAdvanced techniques for reservoir engineering and simulationThe outstanding surge in hydrocarbon production from unconventional reservoirs is unprecedented. Profitable oil prices and new technologies have untapped massive oil and gas resources in recent years. However, the correct exploitation of these resources has been dampened by the lack of understanding...Hydraulic Fracturing; Reservoir Engineering; Reservoir Simulation; Tight Oil; Unconventional Reservoirs2016
318 Gilbert, Jeremy LeeAdvanced training for traffic operators: a focus on identifying and solving advanced transportation management and operation problemsThis thesis is a summary of work performed by the Utah Traffic Lab (UTL) to design an advanced training program that develops the knowledge, skills, and ability of traffic operators to identify and solve advanced traffic management and operation problems encountered at Traffic Operations Centers (TO...Traffic control operators; Training; Transportation2010
319 Thapa, BijayaAdvancement in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and SpectroscopyThis dissertation comprises two separate studies: 1) efficacy of an anabolic steroid, oxandrolone, on the energy utilization of the heart of a lamb born with single ventricle (SV) physiology using 31P MR spectroscopy (MRS) and 2) signal behavior of ultra-high-b radial diffusion weighted imaging (UHb...Medical imaging; Physics; Physiology2017
320 Hejrati, BabakAdvances in robot-assisted gait rehabilitation with self-selected speedThis dissertation explores robotic technologies to generate gait at self-selected speed for application in gait rehabilitation. We present two major research thrusts to improve the current gait rehabilitation for patients with walking impairments. The first thrust includes two studies. The first stu...Gait; Rehabilitation; Robotics; Self-selected speed2016
321 Uno, Kevin ToshioAdvances in terrestrial paleoecology from intratooth stable isotope profiles in tooth enamel and tusk dentinStable carbon and oxygen isotope analysis of tooth enamel is one of the primary tools available for studying terrestrial mammals and ecosystems in the geologic past. Carbon isotope ratios record the proportion of C3 versus C4 vegetation in diet, and by extension, landscape vegetation. Oxygen isotope...Dentin; Enamel; Forward and inverse modeling; Miocene; Radiocarbon yamp; 14C; Stable isotope2012-12
322 Kukhareva, PolinaAdvancing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Electronic Clinical Quality Measurement (eCQM)Clinical decision support (CDS) and electronic clinical quality measurement (eCQM) are 2 important computerized strategies aimed at improving the quality of healthcare. Unfortunately, computer-facilitated quality improvement faces many barriers. One problem area is the lack of integration of CDS and...Information technology; Health care management2017
323 Yong, Christina M.Adverbial ordering in englishCross-linguistically, adverbials appear to be subject to strict ordering restrictions based on semantic subclass. For example, frequentative adverbials (often) must precede celerative adverbials (quickly), which must precede degree of perfection adverbials (well); several other classes of adverbial...adverbial; adverb order; experimental syntax; semantics; syntax; VP2015
324 James, JanAerial alchemyThis is a final project paper based on the use of alchemic fundamental practices to explore contemporary symbols, dynamic opposites and elements representing our transformative time. By uniquely combining these elements, color, mediums and techniques into an imagined space, I hope to deliver somethi...Alchemy in art2010-05
325 Jackson, Dale JayAerodynamic mixing losses and discharge coefficients due to film cooling from a symmetric turbine airfoil in transonic flowAerodynamic losses and discharge coefficients are obtained for two different Pratt and Whitney axisymetric turbine airfoils with film cooling holes. Blade 3 results are given for the blowing ratios, of 0.42, 0.73, and 1.28. The pressure ratios are 1.18, 1.45, and 2.07 for the "ambient" tests and 1.1...1998-12
301 - 325 of 6,772