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276 Report on judicial legislation activities2009-08-08uu_law_qipText
277 Draft Constitution of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region2009-06-23uu_law_qipText
278 Federation Council Second Submission2009-06-22uu_law_qipText
279 Report on the Kurdish Regional Constitution2009-06-26uu_law_qipText
280 Separation of Powers in Iraquu_law_qipText
281 Essentials of Federalismuu_law_qipText
282 Constitutional Revisions: 1. Presentation and Methodologyuu_law_qipText
283 KRG Supremacy Issuesuu_law_qipText
284 Presidency Council Training - Arabicuu_law_qipText
285 Independent Commissions Textuu_law_qipText
286 Industrial Projects Exports-Imports (1996).CPAuu_law_qipText
287 KRG Provinces Law Memo2009-07-18uu_law_qipText
288 Memo on Provincial Powers Law2009-09-10uu_law_qipText
289 Memo Regarding Legislative Priorities of the Speaker - June 2009uu_law_qipText
290 Hydrocarbon/Oil Law Memorandumuu_law_qipText
291 Oil Ministry Independence Memo-Removal Claimuu_law_qipText
292 Powers of a Governorate Council to Remove Officials Pursuant to the Provincial Powers Law2010-09-10uu_law_qipText
293 Problem organization Chart - Courtsuu_law_qipText
294 Project One Concept Paper Establishment of Federation Counciluu_law_qipText
295 Report on the latest version of the Kurdish Regional Constitution Final June 29 20092009-06-29uu_law_qipText
296 Report of the Economics, Investment, and Rebuilding Committee on the Notes of MP Shatha Al Moussaowi Regarding the Law on Competition and Anti Monopolismuu_law_qipText
297 Revised Draft Agenda on the Workshop on Legal Issues for the Regions and Governorates-Arabic ورشة عمل حول المواضيع القانونية للأقاليم والمحافظاتuu_law_qipText
298 Senior Officials Memouu_law_qipText
299 Spain Conference Proposal-DRAFT (Dec. 13, 2009) - Arabicuu_law_qipText
300 Trafficking in Persons Draft Law - Quick translationuu_law_qipText
276 - 300 of 388