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276 Powers of a Governorate Council to Remove Officials Pursuant to the Provincial Powers Law2010-09-10Text
277 Problem organization Chart - CourtsText
278 Project One Concept Paper Establishment of Federation CouncilText
279 Report on the latest version of the Kurdish Regional Constitution Final June 29 20092009-06-29Text
280 Report of the Economics, Investment, and Rebuilding Committee on the Notes of MP Shatha Al Moussaowi Regarding the Law on Competition and Anti MonopolismText
281 Revised Draft Agenda on the Workshop on Legal Issues for the Regions and Governorates-Arabic ورشة عمل حول المواضيع القانونية للأقاليم والمحافظاتText
282 Senior Officials MemoText
283 Spain Conference Proposal-DRAFT (Dec. 13, 2009) - ArabicText
284 Trafficking in Persons Draft Law - Quick translationText
285 Trafficking in Persons Memo2009-02-08Text
286 Judiciary and FederalismText
287 KRG Constitution MarkupText
288 KRG Constitution MemoText
289 Memo to Chief Justice Medhat - final 28 nov 2008Text
290 Legal Commentary and Analysis of the Hydrocarbon LawText
291 GJPI Organizational ChartText
292 Governorates & Regions Protection Law- FinalText
293 Higher Judicial Council Memo - FinalText
294 Constitutional Revisions 3. Framework for Judicial Independence2009-05-11Text
295 Constitutional Revisions 4. Independent CommissionsText
296 Constitutional Revisions 5. Other issues raised by the CRC Report:Art.41 Civil status Status of Baghdad Oil and gas Federal and shared powers/priority of laws Art. 140, Status of KirkukText
297 Law Commission on Rights of Regions and Governorates - Arabic نوناق نامضل ةماعلا ةئيهلا قوقح ميلاقألاText
298 Law of governoratesText
299 Minister of JusticeText
300 Industrial Projects Taxation (2000).CPAText
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