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276 Hisaeda, Yutaka; Hayashi, Shinji; Asakuma, Yuusuke; Aoki, Hideyuki; Miura, TakatoshiNumerical Simulation of Soot Aggregates Shapes by Benzene Pyrolysis1998
277 Breithaupt, Peter P.Analysis of Local Turbulent Reaction Rates from CFD Predictions of a 2MWt Natural Gas-Fired Turbulent Diffusion Flame1997
278 Waterland, L. R.; Mason, H. B.; Gemmer, R. V.; Drennan, Scott A.Gas Cofiring for Performance Improvement and Emissions Reduction in Stoker Boilers1999
279 Mohr, P.; Neff, D.; Rue, D. M.; Abbasi, H. A.; Jain, R.Low NOx Oxy-Gas Burner1997
280 Ni, Li ; Stelmar, Greg ; Ashton, Larry ; Hatfield, James R.Ultra Low NOx Hot Water Supply Boiler Development1996
281 Baukal, C. E.; Gershtein, V. Y.; Eleazer, P. B.Low NOx with Oxygen Enhanced Combustion in High N2 Environments1998
282 Yamagami, ShunCombustion Method to Reduce NOx and Save Fuel for Burners for Forge Furnace1998
283 Parametric Emission Prediction Techniques Current Experience and Future Hurdles1997
284 Tillman, David A.; Reardon, Lester ; Rollins, MarthaCofiring Alternate Fuels in Coal Fired Cyclone Boilers1996
285 Vogt, Robert L.Low Emissions Boiler Shaped Flame Chemistry1998
286 Advanced Models for Predicting Carbon Burn Out and NOx Formation in Coal Combustion1997
287 CGRI Scrap Metal Preheater Development1998
288 Benson, Charles; Wilson, Robert; Loftus, Peter; Itse, Daniel; Morgan, MarkEmissions Control Technology for Coal Fueled Reciprocating Engines1992
289 Mullinger, P. J.; Broadley, GaryThe Use of Modelling Techniques in the Reduction of Emissions and Energy Conservation1992
290 Morgan, D. J.; Van de Kamp, W. L.Advanced Burners for Coal Fired Boilers1996
291 Payne, R.; Cole, Jerald A.; Samuelsen, G. S.; Sowa, W. A.; Dunn-Rankin, Derek; Fornaciari, Neal; Carling, R. W.; Gemmer, R. V.; Kezerle, James A.Progress in Development of the Burner Engineering Research Laboratory1992
292 Application of a Mathematical Modeling to the Development of a Muffle Type Continuous Heat Treating Furnace1997
293 Misaki, Hiroyuki; Takashi, Koichi; Akiyama, ToshikazuApplication of Regenerative Burner for Ladle Preheating System of Electric Furnace1998
294 Watanabe, Shinji; Kiga, TakashiThe Burning Properties of Dust from Asphalt Firing in Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers1998
295 Sullivan, John D.; Smith, Scott H.; Webb, Andrew W.Demonstration of Sub-9 PPM NOx Emissions Using the Radiation Stabilized Burner in an Industrial Package Boiler1999
296 Reorganization of IFRF NET1998
297 Rey-Chein, Chang ; Wen-Chieh, Chen ; Wen-Chen, ChangAn Investigation of Aromatic Derivatives Removal by Regenerative Combustion1998
298 Breault, Ronald; Litka, Anthony; McClaine, Andrew; Chamberland, Ray P.; McNeil, David T.; Wilsoncroft, TomAn Integrated Cullet/Batch Preheater System for Oxygen-Fuel Fired Glass Furnaces1996
299 Breault, Ronald; Shukla, Kailash; Becker, Fred; McClaine, Andrew; Karan, JayVIStA Combustor for Very Low NOx Emissions in Furnace and Boilers1997
300 Yoshino, H.; Viskanta, R.A Dynamic Thermal System Model For a Low Inertia Furnace1997
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