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276 Development of a Low-NOx Burner for Direct-Fired Absorption Chillers1994
277 Development of a modular supplemental burner for optimization of distributed generation/combined heat and power system efficiency2011Increased interest in distributed power generation has lead to increased interest in combined heating cooling and power (CCHP). One significant issue in implementing a CCHP is that electrical loads and heating or cooling loads are rarely synchronized. Duct burners are frequently used to provide addi...
278 The Development of a Relationship Between Percentage of Oxygen Enrichment of Primary Air, Flue Gas Tempertaure And Fuel (Sasol Gas) Savings1985
279 Development of a Slit Burner1985
280 Development of a Sludge Slagging Combustor1990
281 Development of a Technique for Removal of Organic Sulfur Compounds in Coke Oven Gas1991
282 Development of a Three Dimensional Coal Combustion Model1991
283 Development of a Vane Swirler for Use in a Low NOx Weak Swirl Burner1996
284 Development of ABB C-E's Tangential Firing System 2000 (TFS 2000 System)1993
285 Development of an Advanced Low NOx Landfill Gas Burner for Utility Boiler Application1995
286 Development of an Advanced Low-NOx Burner in Support of B&W's Advanced Coal-Fired Low-Emission Boiler System1995
287 Development of an International Flame Research Foundation Working Group on Waste Incineration1987
288 The Development of an Oxygen-Pulverised Fuel Burner for Energy Savings and Production Increases1988
289 Development of an Ultra Low NOx Burner for Natural Gas Oil and Pulverized Coal1992
290 Development of an Ultra Low NOx Burner with Widened Stability Limits1998
291 Development of an Ultra-Low NOx Gaseous Fuel Burner for OTSG Applications2016-09-13Conference paper
292 The Development of an Ultra-Low-Emission Gas-Fired Cyclonic Combustor1991
293 Development of CCME National Emission Guidelines for Commercial/ Industrial Broilers, Heaters and Cement Kilns1997
294 Development of Combustion Technology with Foam of Liquid Fuel and Air1994
295 Development of Curtain Wall Flame Burner1984
296 Development of Efficient Combustion Technology Applying High Cycle Regenerative Heat Exchange System1998
297 Development of EFSOP and the Application of Post Combustion in Electric Arc Furnaces1997
298 Development of Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology in Taiwan1991
299 Development of Low NOx Burners and Low NOx Air Register1979
300 Development of Low NOx High Performance Industrial Burner1992
276 - 300 of 927