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276 Arthur Samuel and Miriam Jane Stephenson Henricksenmc_mcmImage
277 Arthur Townsendmc_mcmImage
278 Arthur Townsendmc_mcmImage
279 Arthur Townsend duplexmc_mcmImage
280 Arthur Townsend home restoredmc_mcmImage
281 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth1985mc_mcmImage
282 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth1985mc_mcmImage
283 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth at work1985mc_mcmImage
284 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth chiseling sculpture1985mc_mcmImage
285 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth climbs atop "Chief Wasatch" to refiine his work1985mc_mcmImage
286 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth continues to refine his work1985mc_mcmImage
287 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth selling smaller statutes he carved1985mc_mcmImage
288 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth sitting on wing of eagle to work1985mc_mcmImage
289 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth sitting on wing of eagle to work on details1985mc_mcmImage
290 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth speaking at Dedication Ceremonies for "Chief Wasatch"1985mc_mcmImage
291 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth standing on scaffolding to continue his work on "Chief Wasatch1985mc_mcmImage
292 Artist Peter "Wolf" Toth working on "Chief Wasatch"1985mc_mcmImage
293 Artist Toth polishes sculpture1985mc_mcmImage
294 Artist rendering of Union Fortmc_mcmImage
295 Atwood Brick Yardmc_mcmImage
296 Atwood brick yardmc_mcmImage
297 Atwood home grounds, about 1913mc_mcmImage
298 Atwood mansion, built in 18641864mc_mcmImage
299 Audience and Choir singing Candle in the Windowmc_mcmImage
300 August and Caroline Larson Olandermc_mcmImage
276 - 300 of 4,084