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251 Bald Eagle and Raven near the Skagit River, Washington (100122)2010-01-22Sound
252 House Wren 0907142009-07-14Sound
253 National Park Service audio recording - Yosemite National Park - Great Horned OwlSound
254 Bewick's Wren (100408) 22010-04-08Sound
255 Bald Eagle at Birch Bay State Park, Washington 0903302009-03-30Sound
256 Striped Skunk snort 0910022009-10-02Sound
257 Pallid Bat social vocalizationSound
258 Interview with Erika DuRoss on the subject of Columbia Spotted Frog calls2005-04Sound
259 House Finch (100408) 22010-04-08Sound
260 Pallid Bat search callSound
261 Pied-billed Grebes (100515) 12010-05-15Sound
262 Columbia Spotted Frog in air (Washington) 0904112009-04-11Sound
263 Northern Saw-whet Owl female chirp (100221)2010-02-21Sound
264 North American River Otter captive animal (growl)2009-10-23Sound
265 Barred Owl catching mouse 12010-02-21Sound
266 Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge at dawn (100514)2010-05-14Sound
267 Great Basin Rattlesnake 32008-09-04Sound
268 Marsh Wren in western Washington 0903232009-03-23Sound
269 California Ground SquirrelSound
270 Pacific chorus frogs in Markworth State Forest in western Washington 090510 extended2009-05-10Sound
271 Western Screech-Owl in Salt Lake City, Utah 0907152009-07-15Sound
272 Two pacific chorus frogs calling in western Washington (090421)2009-04-21Sound
273 National Park Service audio recording - Muir Woods National Monument - Barred Owl2006-02-24Sound
274 Great Horned Owls on Orcas Island Washington (110128)2011-01-28Sound
275 Red Squirrel trill and squeaks (100715)2010-07-15Sound
251 - 275 of 1,555