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251 A thermocouple psychrometer for measuring the relative vapor pressure of water in liquids or porous materials1964uum_lrfcText
252 Transpiration of alfalfa determined from soil water content changes1960uum_lrfcText
253 Uptake and retention of water by soil as determined by distance to a water table1941uum_lrfcText
254 Letters of January 1976 from Lorenzo A. Richards1976-01-01uum_lrfcText
255 Letter dated July 1 1977 from Percy H. Carr to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards regarding the death of "Margie" and her last days1977-07-01uum_lrfcText
256 Water conducting and retaining properties of soils in relation to irrigation1952uum_lrfcText
257 Water content changes following the wetting of bare soil in the fielduum_lrfcText
258 Water content changes following irrigation of bare-field soil that is protected from evaporation1957uum_lrfcText
259 Wet thermojunctions for measuring relative humidity1938uum_lrfcText
260 Letters exchanged in December 1979 and February 1980 between Lorenzo and Zilla Richards and Ted and Lucretia Arbonuum_lrfcText
261 Use of Thermistors for measuring the freezing point of solutions and soils1948uum_lrfcText
262 Letters exchanged in February 1980 between Lorenzo A. Richards and John Bascom1980-02-10uum_lrfcText
263 Letters exchanged in 1979 and 1980 between Lorenzo A. Richards and Felix Richard1980-01-11; 1979-12uum_lrfcText
264 Letter dated 11 Jan 1980 from Lorenzo A. Richards to Dr. William A. Raney1980-01-11; 1979-12-17uum_lrfcText
265 Letters dated 12 Oct 1981 addressed to Former Presidents of the Soil Science Society of America and Former Presidents of the American Society of Agronomy1981-10-12uum_lrfcText
266 Letter dated 13 Aug 1980 from H. D. ("Jinks") Conner to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1980-08-13uum_lrfcText
267 Letters exchanged in May 1981 between Lorenzo A. Richards and "Rebecca"uum_lrfcText
268 Vapor pressure depression at a tensiometer cup1960uum_lrfcText
269 Vapor pressure depression at a tensiometer cup1961uum_lrfcText
270 Plutus, the Old Main Society Newsletter, Vol. 1 no. 1, June 19991999-06uum_lrfcText
271 1929 graduate list, School Of Home Economics, Utah State Agricultural College1989uum_lrfcText
272 Letter dated 7 September 1984 from Terry Moore to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1984-09-07uum_lrfcText
273 Program for The Old Main Society annual installation dinner, 13 April 19791979-04-13uum_lrfcText
274 USU Calendar for July 16, 1989 - December, 19891989uum_lrfcText
275 Correspondence exchanged in Autumn 1971 between Lorenzo A. Richards and Glen L. Taggart1971uum_lrfcText
251 - 275 of 1,115