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251 Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport: An Alternative for Conveying Pulverized Coal1982
252 The Design & Installation of a Low Temperature Catalytic NOx Reduction System for Fired Heaters & Boilers1990
253 Design & Operating Objectives of Low NOx Burners When Used in Industrial Package Boiler Applications1992
254 Design Optimization and Economic Analysis of SNCR/SCR Hybrid on a Utility Boiler in the Ozone Transport Region1998
255 Designing Air Staging Systems with Mathematical Modeling1994
256 Designing Low NOx Combustion Systems1996
257 Detailed Local Measurements in the BYU Entrained Coal Gasifier1982
258 Developing a Benchmark for Natural Gas Combustion Models1996
259 Developing ABBs LEBS Technologies1996
260 Development and Application of Direct Fired Regenerative Burner Heating System1998
261 Development and Commercialization of an Advanced, Low-Emissions, Multi-Fuel Oxygen Burner1994
262 Development and Commercialization of an Efficient Cyclonic Incinerator for Wastes1987
263 Development and Demonstration of Large Scale Industrial Low Emission Radiation Stabilized Burners1998
264 Development and Demonstration of the Low NOx StAR Burner for High Temperature Industrial Furnaces1994
265 Development and Demonstration of the Radiation Stabilized Burner for Boilers and Process Heaters1996
266 Development and Operation of an Efficient Cyclonic Incineration Demonstration System for Industrial Wastewater1987
267 Development and Performance Evaluation of the New Low NOx CGRI Burner for Use with High Air Preheat1997
268 Development and Testing of the MIT-RSFC Low-NOx Coal Combustor for the B &W LEBS Program1994
269 Development of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Process Plants2012-09-06
270 Development of a Generalized Burner Design Procedure1990
271 Development of a High Performance Versatile Low NOx Burner1996
272 Development of a Low NOx Burner for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine/ Once-Through Steam Generator System2016-09-13Conference paper
273 Development of a Low NOx Burner for Gas Fired Firetube Boilers1981
274 Development of a Low NOx Burner for Use with Preheated Combustion Air1994
275 The Development of a Low NOx High Intensity Burner1994
251 - 275 of 927