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251 Arick Sheranian Kezerian and her brother N.H. Sheranianmc_mcmImage
252 Ariel photo of Murray taken from top of the tallest smokestack in 19181918mc_mcmImage
253 Arlene Goss in 19321932mc_mcmImage
254 Arlington 1938 5th grade class1938mc_mcmImage
255 Arlington Schoolmc_mcmImage
256 Arlington School 2nd grade class, 1936mc_mcmImage
257 Arlington School 2nd grade class, 1952mc_mcmImage
258 Arlington School 3rd grade class - 1937mc_mcmImage
259 Arlington School 5th grade class, 1955-56 school year1955mc_mcmImage
260 Arlington School 8th grade graduation class circa 19071907mc_mcmImage
261 Arlington School Teachers, 1922-23mc_mcmImage
262 Arrival of the Olympic Torch down State Street2002-01mc_mcmImage
263 Arrival of the Olympic Torch down State Street in Murray2002-01mc_mcmImage
264 Art and Rosa Peters homemc_mcmImage
265 Art awardsmc_mcmImage
266 Art show at Salute to Music Traditions, 1996mc_mcmImage
267 Arthur Ahlberg home 300 West about 5000 Southmc_mcmImage
268 Arthur Henricksen family at Murray Parkmc_mcmImage
269 Arthur Henricksen in his gardenmc_mcmImage
270 Arthur Oberlandermc_mcmImage
271 Arthur Oberlandermc_mcmImage
272 Arthur Oberlander (on right) in Burmamc_mcmImage
273 Arthur Oberlander, front row center, at Burma Smeltermc_mcmImage
274 Arthur Ruben Sr. 1 cylinder Cadillac about 1903mc_mcmImage
275 Arthur Ruben, Sr.mc_mcmImage
251 - 275 of 4,084