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251 Hypothetical genetic disease risk moderates the effect of message framing on sunscreen attitudes and intentionsHealth communications vary in persuasiveness according to whether the costs or benefits of engaging in a health behavior are emphasized. Generally, individuals at population risk engage in higher levels of prevention behaviors after being presented with a gain frame; however, few studies have exami...Genetic disease risk; Health behavior2010-12
252 I am a woman but not this kind of woman: bifurcation in gender identity in response to stereotype threatThe goal of this research was to investigate the effects of selective changes in feminine identity (identity bifurcation) on self-concept, cognitive functioning, and math performance of women. Study 1 showed that women highly identified with math had a tendency not to identify with stereotypically f...Bifurcation; Integrity: Math performance; Stereotype threat; Women; Working memory2014-05
253 Ice flow dynamics of Alaska glaciersUnderstanding long-term ice dynamic response to climate change remains of the utmost importance with respect to constraining sea level rise (SLR) projections for 2100. SLR contributions from Alaska approximate those from Greenland and may be dominated by mass losses from changes in flow dynamics. Bu...Alaska; Glaciers; Glaciology; Ice dynamics; Offset tracking; Remote sensing2013-05
254 Identification of alcohol problems among health maintenance organization patients, using the MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale.Exploratory research was conducted with 178 men and 321 women (aged 18-69), patients of FHP Utah, to test the relationship between alcoholism as measured by the MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale (MAC) and various life-problems. Problem areas included physical, emotional, job/legal/economic, and family/soci...Diagnosis; Psychotherapy1981-08
255 Identifying cognitive and behavioral endophenotypes in families with autism spectrum disordersIndividuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) demonstrate a wide variety of clinical resentations. Although the etiology is unknown, it is likely that ASDs result from a complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors. It may also be the case that there are multiple types of ASD, each w...Autism, Patients, Family relationships; Autism, Patients, Family relationships.2008-08
256 Identifying sources of genetic differentiation in human populationsThe main concern of human population genetics is to identify and describe genetic differences between groups of people. These differences give insight into the evolutionary processes and unique histories that have shaped these populations. A better understanding of human genetic diversity will lead ...Admixture; Human adaptation; Population genetics; Principal component analysis2013-08
257 Ideology and rhetoric in the textbook presentation of mainstream economics: the case of samuelson's "economics"Mainstream economic science has a conservative and liberal disposition which overlooks contrasting schools of thought. This propensity, conceivably, would be reflected in the textbooks. Hence, the main objective of this dissertation is to study the ideological underpinnings of introductory economic...economic textbooks; ideology; paul samuelson; rhetoric2017
258 Illness intrusiveness, self-concept restructuring, and psychosocial adjustment in men with prostate cancerI investigated the relationships among illness intrusiveness, self-concept restructuring, and psychological adjustment in men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fifty-eight married men (40 to 84 years old) who had recently been diagnosed (within 1 year) with prostate cancer completed assess...Prostate cancer2010-03-01
259 The impact of NAFTA on the U.S. labor marketThe effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the U.S. labor market is particularly interesting because the employment level is a key determinant of overall economic welfare. This research investigates the impact of NAFTA tariff reductions and U.S. macroeconomic conditions on U.S....Free trade agreements; Impact; International economics; International trade; NAFTA; U.S. labor market2010-08
260 Impact of youth gardening on emotional wellbeingThere is mounting evidence for the effectiveness of youth gardening programs in increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among children who consistently attend such programs. Unfortunately, existing research does not address whether youth gardens can influence the emotional wellbeing of program pa...emotional wellbeing; experiential education; youth gardening2016
261 Impacts of Topographic Shading on Surface Energy Balance of High Mountain Asia GlaciersTopographic shading involves two components: shaded relief and cast shadowing. Shaded relief occurs from self-shadowing due to the slope and aspect of a given location; cast shadowing involves projecting shade from nearby terrain onto an adjacent surface. The combined effect of topographic shading p...Climate Change; Atmospheric sciences; Remote sensing2017
262 Importance of human capital and infrastructure for Turkish regionsRegional inequalities in less developed nations have received serious attention in the literature. Many developing countries created developmentalist projects to bring economic development to their least developed parts and to alleviate regional inequalities. The Southeast Anatolian Project (SAP)...Güneydo?u Anadolu Projesi (Turkey); Economic development--Turkey2009-06-19
263 The importance of positive social environments on adolescent depression and health behaviorsAdolescence is a critical time of growth characterized by constant change in all aspects of human development i.e., social, cognitive, psychological, and biological. The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate how different levels of positive social environments (community, school, family, an...Adolescent; Depression; Positive social environment; Prosocial behavior; Risky behavior2013-12
264 In sickness or in health: couples' health status and retirement prepartationThis study examines retirement preparation activities among a sample of University of Utah employees as predicted by past diagnoses for one of six major diseases among respondents and their spouses. This research combines data from the University of Utah Retirement Planning Survey (UURPS) with medic...Couple health; Financial planning; Retirement; Retirement preparation2013-08
265 Independent and interactive effects of tonic respiratory sinus arrythmia and neuroticism on stress related presleep arousalSleep quality requires adequate inhibition of mental, behavioral, and physiological processes that perturb the sleep-wake system-a process captured by the construct presleep arousal. The extent to which individual differences in tonic high-frequency heart rate variability (or respiratory sinus arrh...Tonic respiratory sinus arrhythmia; Presleep arousal2010
266 Indirect health consequences of warThis dissertation aspires to create a better understanding of the real human costs of war. I seek to uncover the relationship between armed conflict and indirect health effects of armed conflict. There is a lot of attention paid to direct consequences of war, including casualty counts, direct destru...Conflict; Health Outcomes; War; Peace Studies; Sociology2016
267 Indirect health consequences of war: cardiovascular diseaseThis study examines the impact of armed conflict on male and female adult cardiovascular disease mortality. This is an indirect health consequence of war that has not been given enough attention in social science research. The depletion of resources, access to health care, and general disruption ...War and health; Heart disease2009-10-20
268 Individual and dyadic appraisals of pain severity and control and patient and spouse adjustment to chronic pain across the lifespanChronic pain impacts the physical, psychological, behavioral, and relational landscape of both the patient and the spouse. The study examined how both patient and spouse appraisals of pain severity and control were associated with adjustment for marital couples of varying ages across adulthood. Fift...Aging; Pain; Spouses2010
269 Individual differences in susceptibility to inattentional blindnessInattentional blindness (IB) refers to the finding that people do not always see what appears in their gaze. Though IB affects large percentages of people, it is unclear why there are individual differences in susceptibility. The present study addressed whether individual differences in attentional ...Inattentional blindness; Individual differences; Working memory capacity2010
270 Individual differences in working memory capacity predict personalityUnderstanding the relationships between personality and cognitive ability has implications for how we characterize and even diagnose cognitive impairment. While many studies have investigated relationships between personality and executive functions, few have directly studied personality in relation...Operation span; Personality; Working memory2010-08
271 The influence of eating disorders on fertility trajectoriesThere is a well-documented link between eating disorders and adverse physical health outcomes, infertility in particular. Fertility marks an important transition to adulthood, setting the stage for future opportunities or experiences. Drawing on sociological theories of the life course, this study e...Adolescence; Behavioral Health; Eating Disorders; Fertility; Infertility; Siblings2016
272 The influence of environmental and body-based action constraints on distance judgmentsTo determine action capabilities, an actor must take into account environmental features and the actor's individual body and capabilities. Previous research has shown that changing an actor's ability to reach by changing the body influences judgments of distance to reachable objects. The current stu...action capability; affordance; barrier; distance judgment; perception; reaching2013-05
273 Influence of Nano-Scale interactions on fifld-scale transport of virus- to protozoa-sized colloids: experiments in environment ally equilibrated weltand mediaIn this study, breakthrough-elution curves were developed for three sizes (0.2 m, 1 m, and 5 m) of carboxylate-modified polystyrene latex microspheres (CML) in two environmentally-equilibrated concrete-lined streambeds containing well-sorted pea gravel and sand porous media. Microspheres we...2019
274 Influence of recalibration of locomotion on spatial orientationThe relationship between biomechanical action and perception of self-motion during walking is typically consistent and well-learned but also adaptable. This perceptual-motor pairing can be recalibrated by creating a mismatch between the visual perception of self-motion and walking speed. Recalibrat...Locomotion; Perceptual-motor recalibration; Visual motor calibration; Visual perception2010
275 Information theory of the firmThe purpose of this thesis is to explain the role of information in the theory of the firm. This provides a new perspective on how information impacts firm expansion and boundary. Information helps a firm become more certain on how to direct the firm. Uncertainty is the opposite; it causes confusion...Asymmetric; Expansion; Firm Boundary; Information; Transaction Cost; Uncertainty2015
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