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251 Petrified log in Nubian sandstone, east at RyadhP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_03
252 Left to right, Arab guide, Floyd W. Meeker, Arab interpreter, Max ThornBerg, Lloyd Hamilton, Fred Davies, and Arab guideP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_04
253 Party in north Mejilis, Badia Palace (left to right, Floyd W. Meeker, Fred Davies, Lloyd Hamilton, Max Thornberg and Max Steineke)P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_05
254 Tuwaig mountains near Hasiyan PassP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_06
255 Granite hills west at DuwadamiP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_07
256 Saudi Arab mining syndicate road between Joddah and Borka, edge of lava plateauP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_08
257 Slump beds in Jurassic near Hith southwest at RiyadhP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_09
258 Dahl or cave in Jurassic at Hith near Khashm Al An southwest at RiyadhP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_10
259 Contact between Aruma formation and Nubian sandstoneP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_07_11
260 Typical pearl diving dhow near JubailP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_01
261 Khalil (right) with his crew mending field tents in the entrance to the Jubail campground, May 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_02
262 Looking from inner space toward the front (and only) door, workman carrying empty food boxes from one of the field camps to be loaded and carried back by airplane, about April 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_03
263 View from the top of our campground sleeping quarters, looking north across the town of Jubail, April 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_04
264 Aramco's or CASOC's first electric power house switchboard, 2,000-3,000 watt Kohler, 32 volt generators were the supply, April 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_05
265 CASOC's first air filter (the two cans stuffed with glass wool) and forced ventilation system supplying air to the dark room of the photo lab, April 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_06
266 Washing contact prints in the "Photo Lab," Ebrahim left, Abdulaziz right, now a weather contractor to Aramco at Dhahran, probably taken in May 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_07
267 "Photo Lab" boys washing contact prints, probably taken in May 1934.P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_08
268 Photo Lab contact prints of aero obliques, probably taken in November of 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_09
269 Saudi Aramco Jubail water distillation, about April 1934P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_10
270 Fairchild 71 under construction at the Kreider-Reisoner plant at Hagerstown, Maryland, December 1933P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_11
271 Fairchild 71 airplane nearly completed, December 1933P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_12
272 Charlie Rocheville warms up the Fairchild 71 monoplane engine for the first time in Hagarstown in December of 1933P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_13
273 Rocheville and Kerr and Fairchild 71 monoplane with folded the wings ready to be place on barge and delivered to Merritt Chapman and ScottP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_14
274 Fairchild 71 monoplane after landing in the desert near the town of Nta, April 1934. Rocheville, Burchfiel and Henry leaning on the tail (group at left). Crew of men and soldiers take advantage of the shade of the wings (right).P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_15
275 Used airplane engine being loaded on a Ford V-8 pickup to be returned to Pratt and Whitney Company at Hartford, Connecticut (via Qatif and Bahrain) for major overhaul, about June 1935.P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n02_08_16
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