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226 Pulse2000ehsl_pahsc
227 Computer assisted reporting and monitoring of microbiology/infectious disease data and antibiotic therapy.1984-08ir_etdText
228 Development and evaluation of a semantic data model for chest radiology1996-06ir_etdText
229 CS1 pedagogical approach to parallel thinking2010-08ir_etdText
230 Visualizing program memory behavior using memory reference traces2012-08ir_etdText
231 Reducing consistency traffic and cache misses in the avalanche multiprocessor1995ir_uspaceText
232 High-level asynchronous system design using the ACK framework2000ir_uspaceText
233 CASL - A language for automating the implementation of computer architectures1979ir_uspaceText
234 A case for increased operating system support in chip multi-processors2005ir_uspaceText
235 Evaluation of User Acceptance of a Clinical Expert System1994ir_uspaceText
236 The HELP Medical Record System1988ir_uspaceText
237 Hospital-Based Decision Support1998ir_uspaceText
238 A case for increased operating system support in chip multi-processors2005ir_uspaceText
239 Flexible consistency for wide area peer replication2004-11-18ir_uspaceText
240 Energy-efficient processor design using multiple clock domains with dynamic voltage and frequency scaling2002ir_uspaceText
241 Hemodynamic Monitoring1988ir_uspaceText
242 Utah Pharmacy Digest1991ehsl_updText
243 Utah Pharmacy Digest1993ehsl_updText
244 Utah Pharmacy Digest1986ehsl_updText
245 Utah Pharmacy Digest1986ehsl_updText
246 Utah Pharmacy Digest1982ehsl_updText
247 Utah Pharmacy Digest1982ehsl_updText
248 Utah Pharmacy Digest1984ehsl_updText
249 Coursesir_eua
250 Agenda, Meeting of the Utah State Board of Regents, June 3-4, 20042004-05-31ir_borText
226 - 250 of 656