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226 CRC Preliminary Final Reportuu_law_qipText
227 CRC Amendments with UU annotationsuu_law_qipText
228 Iraqi Federation Council2009-02-04uu_law_qipText
229 Iraqi Federation Council Draft Analysis2009-01-22uu_law_qipText
230 "Whiteboard" Discussion of Federalism as the Future of Iraq: Unity within Diversity UU House, 15 March 2009uu_law_qipText
231 General Authority for Control and Allocation of Federal Revenue Law - Arabic الهيئة العامة لمراقبة تخصيص الواردات الاتحادية النسخة الأخيرةuu_law_qipText
232 The Proposed Articles for Amendment Preface - Draft Law with July 7 amendmentsuu_law_qipText
233 Draft of Kurdistan-Iraq Constitution - 2009 eng2009-06-23uu_law_qipText
234 The Council of State (Majlis al-Dawla) Comments on its draft Law2009-04-15uu_law_qipText
235 The Council of State (Majlis al-Dawla) Comments on its draft Law - Arabic مشروع العدالة الشاملة - العراق سلجم الدولة ملاحظات حول مشروع القانون2009-04-15uu_law_qipText
236 CRC Subcommittee Meeting report - May 14, 20092009-05-14uu_law_qipText
237 CRC Method2009-05-11uu_law_qipText
238 CRC Separation of powers FC-PC2009-05-11uu_law_qipText
239 2008 Iraqi Draft Oil and Gas Law - English2008-06-16uu_law_qipText
240 CRC judiciary2009-05-11uu_law_qipText
241 CRC Independent Commissions2009-05-11uu_law_qipText
242 Corruption essay 2008uu_law_qipText
243 Corruption Annotated Bibliographyuu_law_qipText
244 Activity Plan Legislative Portfolio_finaluu_law_qipText
245 Workshop on the Iraqi Constitutionuu_law_qipText
246 Analysis requested by Patty on PPL firingsuu_law_qipText
247 Memorandum on a Commission Created under Article 106 of the Constitutionuu_law_qipText
248 Bigger Provincial Powers Conferencesuu_law_qipText
249 Fighting Corruption: Identifying Obstacles and New Directionsuu_law_qipText
250 Memorandum to Chief Justice Madhat al Mahmoud Regarding Proposed Scope of Collaborative Workuu_law_qipText
226 - 250 of 388