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226 Conference Agenda - 1980 International Symposium Industrial Process Combustion Technology1980
227 Conference introduction - American Flame Research Committee International Symposium Industrial Process Combustion Technology1980
228 Conference theme - October 1980 International Symposium Industrial Process Combustion Technology1980
229 Conical Quarl Swirl Stabilized Non-premixed Flames: Flame and Flow Field Interaction2016-09-13Conference paper
230 Continuous NH3 Monitoring Probe System Prototype: Preliminary Bench-Scale Testing and Field Trials --Troubleshooting an SCR System1991
231 Control of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in Gas-Fired Heaters -- The Retrofit Experience1991
232 Control of NOx Using Modified Response Surface Methodology (MRSM)1998
233 Control of Pollutant Emissions from Coal and Wood Combustion in Spreader-Stoker Systems1982
234 Control of Trace Metals in Flyash at the Tacoma, Washington Multifuels Incinerator1990
235 Conversion of an Oil/Gas-Fired Industrial Boiler to Fire Hogged Fuel1982
236 Conversion of Tangential Fired Utility Furnaces from Oil to Gas2012-09-07
237 Correctly modeling and calcutating combustion efficiencies in fired equipmentFired equipment includes furnaces, fired heaters, fired boilers, supplementary fired boilers, and many other types of equipment. But for the purposes of reviewing how the calculations are accomplished and other factors that may affect the results of the modeling, we will use a fired reformer furnace...
238 Cross-Jet Mixing of Reburning Gas and Secondary Air in Municipal Waste Incinerators1999
239 Cyclonic Combustor for Low-Btu Off-Gas Incineration1984
240 Demonstrated Fuel Savings and Uniform Heating With 100% Oxygen Burners in a Continuous Steel Reheat Furnace1986
241 Demonstration of a Continuous Billet Holding Furnace and Its Modelling1998
242 Demonstration of Advanced Wall- and Tangentially-Fired Combustion Modifications for the Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide NOx Emissions From Coal-Fired Boilers1991
243 Demonstration of Combined NOx and SO2 Emission Control Technologies Involving Gas Reburning1991
244 Demonstration of Fuel Injection Recirculation FIR for NOx Emissions Control1994
245 Demonstration of hydrogen use in steam- and air-assisted flares2009-06-09
246 Demonstration of Hydrogen Use in Steam-and Air-Assisted Flares2009
247 Demonstration of New Flame Monitoring System at a Pilot Scale Gas Fired Combustion Test Facility1996
248 Demonstration of Radian's Patented Hybrid Low NOx Process1990
249 Demonstration of Reburning Technology on an MSW Furnace1996
250 Demonstration of Sub-9 PPM NOx Emissions Using the Radiation Stabilized Burner in an Industrial Package Boiler1999
226 - 250 of 927