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226 FIS CongressP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n063
227 During FIS Congress in Athens, Greece, 1963. Gustav Raaum with camera.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n064
228 FIS Congress in Athens, Greece, 1963. U.S. Delegates Bud Little, Gustav Raaum and Al Merrill.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n065
229 Gustav Raaum, Bud Little, Jacques Bulterman and Al Merrill (L to R) sitting in a "Taverna" in Athens, Greece in 1963.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n066
230 FIS Congress in Athens, Greece, 1963.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n067
231 Presentation of a book to the FIS celebrating 25th year Anniversary of the FIS Jumping Committee by Chairman Gustav Raaum and Secretary Putzi Pepeunig (Austria).P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n068
232 FIS Congress, 1961 in Madrid, Spain. US delegates Wendy Broomhall, Bud Little, Gustav Raaum.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n069
233 During the FIS Congress in Madrid, Spain. Arthur Nordli (Norway) and Gustav Raaum at the bullfights.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n070
234 The FIS Jumping Committee assembled at the FIS Congress in Beirut, Lebanon 1967. Gustav Raaum, half kneeling on the right, second row, when he was elected Chairman of this Committee. In 1991/1992 Gustav Raaum received the US Ski Association's Bud and Mary Little Award for 28 years of volunteer service to the International Ski Federation (FIS). Upon his retirement from the FIS in 1983 during the FIS Congress in Sydney, Australia he was elected honorary member of the FIS Jumping Committee, and received service medals from Norwegian Ski Association and Swedish Ski Associations, and Awards from Foreningen til Ski Idrettens Fremme (Norway), Chinese Taipei Ski Association and Finnish Ski Association.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n071
235 The US Nordic Ski Team going to the 1962 World Nordic Ski Championships in Zakopane, Poland. Gustav Raaum (judge), Walter Bietila (coach), Burton Boyum (team leader), Tauno Pulkkinen (coach), Larry Sorenson, Bob Verk, John Balfanz, Jon Elliot, Willie Erickson, Lyle Swenson, Leo Massu, Johnny Bower, Robert H. Gray, Steve Rieschl, Eddie Demus, Mike Elliot, and Karl Bohlin.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n072
236 FIS jumping committee meeting in Zakopane, Poland during the 1962 World Nordic ski championships.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n073
237 U.S. National Ski Hall of Famers assembled at Sun Valley, February 6, 1986 Standing back row L to R: Ben Rinaldo, Burton Boyum, Ann Heggetveit Hamilton, Barney McLean, Nelson Bennett, Alf Engen, Paul Valar, seated second row from back L to R: Christin Cooper, Bill Janss, Paula Valar, Bill Lash, Howard Head, Andrea Mead Lawrence, Charles Proctor, 2nd row from the front L to R: Doc DesRoches, Dick Movitz, Gustav Raaum, Byron Nishkian, Jack Reddish, Wayne Poulsen, Grace Lindley, Otto Lang, Sven Wiik, Peter Seibert, Graham Anderson, seated on the floor L to R: Katie Rudolph Wyatt, Unidentified, and Sally Neidlinger Hudson.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n074
238 Cake "announcing" Gustav Raaum's induction into the US National Ski Hall of Fame, 1980.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n075
239 Gustav Raaum with cake.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n076
240 US National Ski Hall of Famers assembled during the US National Ski Convention in Seattle from L to R Steve and Phil Mahre, Graham Anderson, Gustav Raaum, Debbie Armstrong, Otto Lang, unidentified lady in front.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n077
241 Gustav Raaum coaching Canadian ski jumpers in Midland, Ontario, Canada, 1963, Henry Sotvedt is in the back center.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n078
242 Gustav Raaum coaching Canadian ski jumpers in Midland, Ontario, Canada, 1963, Henry Sotvedt is in the back center.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n079
243 During the 1978 World Ski Jumping Championships in Lahti, Finland. L to R Fritz Mittelstadt (USA), Gustav Raaum and Putzi Pepeunig (Austria).P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n080
244 During the l978 World Ski jumping Championships in Lahti Finland, Gustav Raaum (FIS Technical Delegate) on left.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n081
245 During the 1958 World ski jumping championships in Lahti, Finland Gustav Raaum with Ake Wahlross (Finnish official).P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n082
246 During FIS Congress in Teneriff, Spain, 1981 L to R: H.H. Gasser (Switzerland), Gustav Raaum, Aymat (Spain) and Putzi Pepeunig (Austria).P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n083
247 Gustav Raaum, FIS Technical Delegate for the World ski jumping championships in Lahti, Finland 1978.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n084
248 At Big Sky Mountain Resort in Big Sky, Montana, 1971, L to R: Roger Houseman (project director), Chet Huntley (Chairman of the Board) and Gustav Raaum (President and CEO) reviewing plans for the resort.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n085
249 State of Washington Governor Dan Evans (left) with Gustav Raaum and Jack Burke, VP of Montana Power Co at Big Sky Resort ca. 1973/1974.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n086
250 State of Montana Governor Forest Anderson and Mrs. Anderson (on the right) with Gustav Raaum and on the left, State of North Dakota Governor and Mrs. Guy, 1971.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n087
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