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226 Combustor Modelling - A Maturing State of the Art1988uu_afrcText
227 Ideal Combustion of Solid Fuels1988uu_afrcText
228 Ash Conditioning for Improved ESP Performance1988uu_afrcText
229 Heat Transfer Measurement in Power and Process Boiler Furnaces1988uu_afrcText
230 Combustion Evaluation of Advanced Coal Cleaning Products: Test Program and Initial Results1988uu_afrcText
231 Advanced NOx Control With Selective Reduction Agents1988uu_afrcText
232 Influence of Operating Conditions and Coal Characteristics on Ash Deposition in a Pilot-Scale Combustor1988uu_afrcText
233 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy CARS Measurements in a Laminar Flame Coal Combustor1988uu_afrcText
234 Coal-Fired Plant Furnace Computer Simulations1988uu_afrcText
235 Combustion R&D Needs in the Petroleum Refining Industry1989uu_afrcText
236 Combined Convection-Radiation Heat Transfer in a Surface Combustor-Heater1989uu_afrcText
237 Aerodynamics of a Steady Spray Flame in the Near-Injector Region of a Research Furnace by Laser Doppler Velocimetry1989uu_afrcText
238 Pulse Firing Applied to Heat Treating1989uu_afrcText
239 Evaluation of Low-NOx, High Efficiency Oil and Gas Burners for Retrofit to Utility Boilers1989uu_afrcText
240 Evaluation of NOx Control by Cyanuric Acid Injection in an Industrial-Scale Boiler1989uu_afrcText
241 NOx Reduction in Fluidized Bed Combustors1989uu_afrcText
242 Refinery Heater Simulation by the Hottel Zoning Method1989uu_afrcText
243 NOx Prediction and Control in Oxygen Enriched Air Natural Gas Burners1989uu_afrcText
244 Experimental Study of the Spray Flames in a Swirl-Stabilized Can Combustor1989uu_afrcText
245 Experimental Evaluation of a High Efficiency Surface Combustor-Heater Concept With Low Pollutant Emissions1989uu_afrcText
246 Additive Injection for NOx Control1989uu_afrcText
247 Experimental Evaluation Of High-Efficiency Low Pollutant Emission Surface Combustor-Heater Concept1989uu_afrcText
248 Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling to Study Fuel Burnout in a Low NOx Retrofit Application1989uu_afrcText
249 Physical and Heat Transfer Modelling of a 200MW Thermal Corner Fired Boiler1989uu_afrcText
250 Modeling the Combustion of Low Value Solid and Waste Fuels in Grate Fired Systems to Estimate Flame Temperatures and Products of Combustion1989uu_afrcText
226 - 250 of 994