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226 Arrow I1969uaida_mainText
227 Arrow II1970uaida_mainText
228 Article entitled "The Indian Killer"uaida_mainText
229 Article published in the "Utah Historical Quarterly" Vol I-VI titled, "Brigham Young Opposes Indian Slavery and Legal Prosecution of Slave Traders," 1928-19331928; 1929; 1930; 1931; 1932; 1933uaida_mainText
230 Articles of Agreement and Convention dated 18551855uaida_mainText
231 Ashiihi Lichii Bitsii or "Inez Neschii", Baa' Yazhi, Ashiihi Nez (Navajo) (2/17/61)1961-02-17uaida_mainText
232 Ashiihi Lichii Bitsii or "Inez Neschii", Baa' Yazhi, Ashiihi Nez (Navajo) (2/17/61)1961-02-17uaida_mainText
233 Ashiihi Lichii Bitsii or "Inez Neschii", Baa' Yazhi, Ashiihi Nez (Navajo) (2/17/61)1961-02-17uaida_mainText
234 Ashiihi Nez "Tall Salt", Tse'yitni Yazhi Biye' (Navajo) (2/18/61)1961-02-18uaida_mainText
235 Assistant Commissioner responds to Jewell D. Martin at Uintah & Ouray Schools1914-02-06uaida_mainText
236 Attitudinal and Experiential Factors of Interethnic Romantic Relationships among Native American Emerging Adults2011uaida_mainText
237 BYU Graduate Ouida Nuhn Blanthorn's history of Tooele County entitled, Grouse Creek: Shoshoni territory, 20082008uaida_mainText
238 Ben Whitehorse (1968)1968-07-30uaida_mainText
239 Bench Warrant for Tse-ge-nat, otherwise Everett Hatch October 16, 1914uaida_mainText
240 Beneath These Red Cliffs: An Ethnohistory of Utah Paiutes1949uaida_mainText
241 Benjamin Lee (1/21/72)1972-01-21uaida_mainText
242 Benjamin Lee (1/24/72)1972-01-24uaida_mainText
243 Benjamin Lee (Navajo), Virginia Anberson (Ute) (5/26/71)1971-05-26uaida_mainText
244 Benton Keith (7/29/71)1971-07-29uaida_mainText
245 Between Two Cultures: The Life History of a Western Shoshone Woman1968uaida_mainText
246 Bill for A Baron1859uaida_mainText
247 Bill for Corn Creek Indian Farm1850uaida_mainText
248 Bill for Corn Creek Indian Farm1858; 1859uaida_mainText
249 Bill for Fillmore Indian Agency1850uaida_mainText
250 Bill for James Forney dated Sept. 22, 18591859-09-22uaida_mainText
226 - 250 of 2,699