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226 Murray City Municipal Building1960mc_mcmImage
227 Murray City Police's Murray Boys Club1960mc_mcmImage
228 Christ Lutheran School1960mc_mcmImage
229 Boggess Medical Plazza1960mc_mcmImage
230 Murray High School1960mc_mcmImage
231 Settling Tanks1960mc_mcmImage
232 Library on Vine Street1960mc_mcmImage
233 Murray City Fire Station1960mc_mcmImage
234 Murray Park Playground1960mc_mcmImage
235 Early subdivision in Murray1960mc_mcmImage
236 State Street businesses in downtown Murray City1960mc_mcmImage
237 Digestion Plant1960mc_mcmImage
238 Sewage treatment plant1960mc_mcmImage
239 Murray City's Power Plant1960mc_mcmImage
240 Parks Department was able to dig out space for monument plaque2013mc_mcmImage
241 Reflection of statue in fire truck2013mc_mcmImage
242 Fireman Jon Harris sculpting a monument with a chainsaw2013mc_mcmImage
243 Completed fire-fighter stands tall and proud2013mc_mcmImage
244 Monument carved by Battalion Chief Jon Harris2013mc_mcmImage
245 Monument standing over brick pavers with the names of retired firefighters who served MCFD2013mc_mcmImage
246 Fireman Jon Harris fine tuning flashlight on monument2013mc_mcmImage
247 First Community Art Awards, First Vintage Days - 19891989mc_mcmImage
248 First Vintage Days - 19891989mc_mcmImage
249 Original Murray Arts Board 19891989mc_mcmImage
250 Clint Frohm, Murray Symphony Director, accepts award from Dianne Koetler - 19971997mc_mcmImage
226 - 250 of 4,084