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226 Bai, ShiComparing an object-oriented clinical data repository with its relational database counterpartPatients; Queries; Performance1999-08thesis
227 Alleyn, Susan K.Comparison of 5 noncoding region primer sets in the detection of hepatitis C virus using reverse transcription polymerase chain reactionHepatitis C Virus; Genotypes; DNA1995-08thesis
228 Marcinko, Robert JamesComparison of a personal sampling technique with a Six-Stage Andersen Cascade Impactor for viable bacterial aerosols in a mushroom plantAir Sampling Apparatus; Microorganisms; Agricultural Workers1981-08thesis
229 Hengesbaugh, Jean Susan HougerComparison of discovery and didactic instruction in medical technologyTeacher/Student Roles; Study; Didactic Instruction1979-08thesis
230 Chapman, Brian EarlComparison of image quality measures in cerebral magnetic resonance angiographyBrain; Blood Vessels1998-06dissertation
231 Nelson, Jerry ReesComparison of in vivo and in vitro methods for detection of endotoxinImmunoelectrophoresis1973-12thesis
232 Crockett, Harold H.Comparison of laboratory tests for assessing fetal maturityLaboratory Techniques and Procedures; Infants; Fetal Lung Maturity1998-12thesis
233 Johnson, Gary LynnComparison of liquid medium and charcoal tube sampling methods for ethylene oxideAnalysis; Charcoal Tube Sampling Method; ETO1983-08thesis
234 Regginello, Tara JewelComparison of Manual and Automated Cell Counts in the Diagnosis of Pediatric Appendicitis2016-05thesis
235 Alexander, Gary JamesComparison of selected direct reading instruments used for sampling fumigants in the grain handling industry.Public Health; Toxicity2008-02-14thesis
236 Brown, ImogeneComparison of the biochemical and oxidative reactions of aureomycin-resistant and aureomycin-sensitive strains of micrococcus pyogenes var. aureusMicroccoccus; Drug resistance in microorganisms; Aureomycin1952thesis
237 Taylor, John MichaelComparison of the cyclone and the horizontal elutriator for sampling respirable dust in a Utah coal mineCoal mines and mining1982-04thesis
238 Cannon, Dale S.Comparison of the effect of computer and manual reminders of compliance with a mental health clinic practice guidelineCase Walker; Decision Support System; Major Depressive Disorder1999-08thesis
239 Levedahl, Blaine H.Comparison of the metabolism of testosterone and methyltestosterone and their relation to the in vitro metabolism of creatine and guanidoacetic acidMetabolism; Creatine1949thesis
240 Pierce, Kristina BayhaComparison of Three Methods of Detection for Group A Strep Pharyngitis: Illumigene ® Group A Streptococcus DNA Amplification Assay, Osam ® Ultra Strep A Test, and Routine Bacteriologic Culture2014-12thesis
241 Teteberg, Liana BarbaraComparison study of a centralized versus a decentralized method of utilization control of outpatient services in a health maintenance organizationUtilization Control Methods; Utah; FHP Providers1985-12thesis
242 Sittig, Dean ForrestCOMPAS: a computeried patient advice system to direct ventilatory careBiological; Monitoring, Physiologic; Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult; Respiratory Therapy1988-06dissertation
243 Jiang, Yi WeiComplex roles of SIN4, RGR1 and ACT3 in yeast transcriptional regulationGenetics; Microbiology; Molecular Biology1996-03dissertation
244 Reed, Barbara DianeCompliance with acute otitis media treatement.Drug Therapy; Physicians1984-03thesis
245 Bijanzadeh, MaryamComputation of Surround Modulation Across Layers of the Primate Primary Visual CortexNeurosciences; Systematic; Systems science2017dissertation
246 Flygare, StevenComputational Approaches to Biological Data With Applications in Image Analysis, Human Variant Prioritization, and Metagenomics2015-08dissertation
247 Thomas, Randal JayComputed tomography in the diagnosis of low-back painTomography; Backache1984-06thesis
248 Hinton, Craig OlinComputer analyses in genetic epidemiology.Statistics; Hirschsprung's Disease1983-03thesis
249 Dick, Richard S.Computer assisted instruction system for teaching decision-making in clinical medicineGenerative CAI Techniques; Nonauthored CAI System; Clinician Training1978-08dissertation
250 Waterfall, Brian Tennant.Computer assisted pregnancy management.Data Confinement; Computer-based Consultation1984-06thesis
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