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226 Gender, relationship power, and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal reactivity to couple conflictThe present study investigates how individuals' gender and their perceptions of power in romantic relationships relate to hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) activity during and after a conflict with their romantic partner. We assessed HPA activity (via salivary cortisol) in 120 same-sex and...Cortisol; HPA, Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical; Relationship conflict; Relationship power; Sexual orientation2014-08
227 Gendered poverty in peasant households: a case study of northern mozambiqueThis dissertation examines the nature and consequences of gendered time poverty in northern Mozambique. Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa indicates that women are more likely to be time poor than men as they bear the double burden of productive and reproductive work in the household. This gender divi...Food-security; Gender inequality; Gender roles; Intrahousehold allocation; Poverty; Time-use2016
228 Geographic information system spatial analysis of urban and regional development in China: a case study of Guangdong ProvinceThis research focuses on the application of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis methods to urban and regional development studies. GIS-based spatial modeling approaches have recently been used in examining regional development disparities and urban growth. Through the cases of ...2014-08
229 Geographic information system spatial-temporal evolution of multiscalar patterns and determinants of foreign direct investment in ChinaThree decades of economic reforms and open door policies have made China the second largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). China's FDI attraction strategies merit a closer look. To fully understand the significance of FDI attraction strategies in China, distributional patterns and loc...China; Foreign direct investment; GIS; Patterns and determinants; Spatial-temporal evolution; Wuhan2014-08
230 Geographies of climate change mitigation: an exploration of the climate change movementThe climate change movement shares a single grievance that it seeks to address, climate change, but within this movement there are different perspectives on, first, what solutions are most appropriate and, second, what the fundamental problem is to be addressed. Looking at these two factors through ...carbon footprint; climate change; climate change mitigation; geography; social movements; Transition Towns2015
231 Geographies of grassroots sustainabilities: mapping the places and spaces of transitionGrassroots experimentations with sustainability innovations pose new and interesting questions centering on the geography of transitioning away from highly consumptive, fossil-fuel intensive societies. A wide variety of grassroots innovations have emerged recently addressing a range of possible solu...2019
232 Geology of the Terrace and Hogup Mountains, Box Elder County, Utah (Maps)Geology -- Utah -- Box Elder County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1964-06
233 Globalization and obesity: a logitudinal, cross-national examination of a global epidemicObesity is gaining attention as a worldwide problem, particularly among poor and emerging economies. Evaluating leading obesogenic theoretical pathways from a global structural perspective exposes the effect of globalization on body weight. I test competing obesogenic pathways cross-nationally to as...Global economy; Globalization; Longitudinal analysis; Nongovernmental organizations; Obesity2014-05
234 Goodness and Greatness: Abraham Lincoln as a "Beau Ideal" for public managers of conservatorship and aristotelian phronesisAbraham Lincoln is widely considered the greatest President in U.S. history and among the most effective leaders of all time. Given his stature and general popularity, Lincoln has been coopted by varied groups and professions as a model of leadership. In this dissertation, I argue that President Lin...2019
235 Governor Charles R. Mabey and the Utah election of 1924Charles R. Mabey, a Republican9 was elected governor of Utah by a large majority in 1920, having based his campaign on the pledge of economy and efficiency in state government. His appeal to the electorate was undoubtedly enhanced by the fact that he was young, handsome, articulate, and a veteran of...Mabey, Charles Rendell, 1877-1959 Elections -- Utah -- 1924 Utah -- Governors1969
236 Grandparents and their grandchildren with autism spectrum disorder: building bridges through technologyGrandparents of grandchildren with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remain an under researched population. This research provides grandparents a voice concerning the experience of their grandchildren with ASD in workshops that taught them the use of the 3D Google SketchUpâ„¢ software. The workshop...Autism spectrum disorder; Communication; Grandparents; Intergenerational relationships; Technology2011-12
237 Harm from harm: extending the construct of moral injury to interpersonal transgressions among emerging adultsMoral injury encompasses the negative behavioral, psychological, social, and spiritual consequences that arise after an individual experiences events that violate his or her deeply held moral beliefs, whether by commission, omission, or witnessing such an action by another individual. To date, moral...Emerging adults; Moral development; Moral injury; Trauma2015-05
238 Havasupai womanThe Havasupai Indian tribe is a small ethnic group located immediately south of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in northern Arizona, The population is concentrated primarily in two parts of its prehistoric habitat, one area being a reservation in Havasu Canyon and the other a camp or vil...Havasupai Indians; Grand Canyon1956
239 Health anxiety and hypochondriacal traits: an interpersonal perspective on excessive somatic concerns and complaintsHypochondriasis is a complex disorder that has considerable impact on healthcare utilization and costs. Recent conceptualizations of hypochondriasis posit that it is a multicomponent construct, which varies along a continuum of severity. Cognitivebehavioral theory is the predominant conceptualiza...Hypochondria; Somatoform disorders2009-05-14
240 Health consequences of racist and antigay discrimination for multiple minority adolescentsResearch has shown that individuals who belong to a marginalized group and who perceive discrimination based on that group membership suffer from a variety of poor health outcomes. However, many individuals belong to more than one marginalized group, and much less is known about the influence of mul...Adolescents; African American; Discrimination; Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; LGB; Suicide2012-08
241 Hierarchical control and drivingThis dissertation begins with an overview of skilled performance and how hierarchical control theory (HCT) has been successful in explaining skilled performance. Next, two novel premises of HCT are generated that provide evidence for distinct, hierarchical control systems (outer and inner loops). Th...Attention; Complex skill; Distracted driving; Hierarchical control; Multitasking2013-08
242 High frequency variability in glacier meltwater patterns in the rhone watershed, switzerlandGlaciers contribute to the hydrology of many mountainous watersheds worldwide. Significant attention has been given to seasonal discharge measurements and modeling and relatively little to shorter timescale glacier discharge; thus, our understanding of high frequency variability is more limited. Thi...Glacier hydrology; Glacier meltwater; Glaciology2017
243 Historic and holocene forest disturbance in South-Central UtahPaleoecological reconstructions provide important information regarding climate affects on vegetation and forest disturbance return intervals. In recent decades, bark beetles (Dendroctonus spp.) have rapidly and profoundly altered subalpine forest ecosystems across interior forests in western North ...Forest disturbance; Holocene; Dendroctonus; Engelmann spruce; Fire; Lake sediments; Picea; Spruce beetle2011-08
244 History of the Utah State Hospital, Provo : a study of the evolution of public care for the mentally illWe shall endeavor to present, first, a very brief review of the historical background of the general problem of metal illness; second, a consideration of the early provisions for the mentally ill in Utah prior to the establishment of the present institution, and finally, a more comprehensive history...Utah State Hospital Psychiatric hospitals -- Utah -- Provo -- History1948
245 Holocene chemostratigraphy of spring sediments in range creek canyon, utahRange Creek Canyon in southeastern Utah is the location of hundreds of well-preserved Fremont archeological sites. To determine what living conditions for the Fremont were like during their occupation of Range Creek from 200 AD and 1350 AD, elemental ratios and grain size data were used as proxies f...2016
246 Holocene climate, vegetation, and fire linkages in the Uinta Mountains, UtahA 14,000-year lake sediment record from Heller Lake-Dry Gulch Meadow on the south slope of the Uinta Mountains provides evidence of large-magnitude disturbance events during the Holocene. The modern lake basin which catastrophically drained in the early 20th century provides a uniquely exposed sedim...Charcoal; Climate; Holocene; Pollen2014-12
247 Home-buyer aids, help or harm?In the past 25 years, the percentage of homeowners in the United States has increased from 65.1% in 1979 to 69.2% in 2004. During the same period of time, the Federal Housing Administration foreclosure rate increased from .78% in 1979 to 2.93% in 2004, while the conventional mortgage foreclosure rat...Home ownership,Economic aspects; Finance;, Personal2008-05
248 Household consumption, net worth, and the macroeconomics of asset price inflationThe objective of this dissertation is to make a contribution to our understanding of the influence of asset prices and their fluctuation on U.S. macroeconomic conditions. It will be argued that asset prices, by their very nature forward-looking economic variables, both influence and are influenced b...Asset Price Inflation; Consumption; Credit; Financial Accelerators; Saving; Wealth Effects2015
249 Housing inequality under market transition in Urban China: evidence from the 2005 mini censusSince the late 1990s, housing reform in urban China has fundamentally transformed the housing delivery system to a market-based one, ending the welfare distribution of housing. The housing reform has been accompanied by rapid urbanization, massive rural-urban migration, and a dramatic increase in ho...Housing inequality; Market transition; Urban China2013-08
250 Housing selection: a study of the geographic and sociologial factors influencing housing choice in a sub-community of Salt Lake CityThe research study looked at the geographical and sociological factors influencing housing selection in a sub-community of Salt Lake City. Attention was focused on the low income to determine if cultural supports present in a blighted or slum neighborhood outweighed the physical aspects of bad housi...1972
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